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Signpost Maze Solution Solution and Tips

Curious, Link read the first sign and headed south as it stated. He persisted in carefully following the instructions on each sign, but eventually Link must have misread because one of the signs instructed him to begin at the beginning—in fact, that was the instruction on every sign after that! He started over and made a more cautious attempt.


  • To retrace your steps and get back on the correct path, which is straight ahead from the previous sign, you will need to avoid obstacles.
  • It’s not the right sign if it’s right in front of you, as in the screenshot above!
  • The sign must be directly above or below you when moving left or right, not in your path.
  • The first sign in your path indicates which way to go, whether it’s north or south.

Eventually, Link made it to the end of Signpost Maze. His prize? a new stairwell!.

Wake the Rooster

In light of this, Link made his way back to Mabe Village and recalled an ancient tale involving a rooster. Link approached the Rooster weather vane and, using the Lv 2 Power Bracelet’s increased strength, he pushed the statue to the north, exposing stairs.

Down below, Link found the remains of the Legendary Rooster. Saddened, he played the new Frogs Song of Soul. and a. soul!? emerged? The Rooster unexpectedly resurrected and started pursuing Link! commercial

Get Frog’s Song of Soul

Link discovered a frog king and a few of his frog companions below. They offered to pay Link 300 Rupees to perform a song, and Link gladly accepted.

He learned the Frog’s Song of Soul for his Ocarina by paying close attention—he had to get his money’s worth, after all.

He learned something interesting about this song from the frog king: “You’ll make everything around you feel more alive.” “.