can you feed birds in indiana

Putting out a tube feeder is just the beginning — we’ll get you started in the wide world of birdfeeding.

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can you feed birds in indiana

When you have guests, you feed them. It’s only polite.

Joe Myers via Wikimedia Commons Table of Contents

Our local skies house everything from sparrows to blackbirds. So how can you invite them to your backyard?

Feed them, of course. Late winter to early spring is a crucial time for putting out birdfeeders, as natural food sources may be depleted. Let’s fly through some need-to-knows to keep you popular with the local birds.

There are three basic types of feeders: seed, suet, and nectar.

  • Seed feeders are the most versatile. The Audubon Guide to Bird Feeding states that the majority of birds prefer black-oil sunflower seeds. They also have some homemade recipes that are sure to make people happy.
  • Suet, also known as beef fat, provides insects with a lot of energy. An onion bag can be used to create a homemade feeder. Take note: warmer temperatures cause suet cakes to go rancid, which deters birds.
  • Nectar feeders give hummingbirds and orioles a sweet treat. Choose a low-capacity feeder and be sure to clean it frequently.

Browse Wild Birds Unlimited to get a feel for the different types. Then, mix and match to make your home the flock of the town.

If homeowners in Indiana are comfortable doing so and are not seeing sick or dead birds in their yards, they may once more put out their bird feeders. Seed and suet feeders should be cleaned at least once every two weeks by scrubbing them down with soap and water, then soaking them for a brief period of time in a 2010% bleach solution to keep the birds healthy and prevent the spread of disease. The Hummingbird feeders ought to be cleaned with a 2010% bleach solution and thoroughly rinsed at least once a week.


Is it okay to feed backyard birds?

It’s not necessary. Bird feeding is most helpful when birds need the most energy, such as during temperature extremes, migration and in late winter or early spring, when natural seed sources are depleted. Most birds don’t need your help in the summer.

What is the best bird feed for Indiana?

Black-oil sunflower seeds appeal to the greatest number of birds, according to the Audubon Guide to Bird Feeding. They’ve also got homemade recipes that everyone will be chirping about. Suet (or beef fat) is a high-energy treat for bug eaters, and you can make a DIY feeder from an onion bag.

Should we stop feeding wild birds?

So should we stop feeding birds? “Absolutely not,” says Becker, “there are plenty of simple things we can do to avoid many of these potential outcomes.” Feeding birds is particularly important in the wake of winters like the one just past.

Is it legal to feed birds in USA?

In most instances,* bird feeding is legal in the US. And there is no state or national law against hanging bird feeders in your outdoor space, though laws that prohibit feeding wildlife are sometimes interpreted to include birds.