can you beat angry birds

How to beat Angry Birds — this is something I’ve pondered for months, as I’ve worked through the levels and golden eggs, trying my best to get three stars on all the levels for even more goodies and hidden levels. It’s a great time-waster, and I’ve gotten good at it! But how to beat Angry Birds isn’t something I learned overnight, so if you’re as hooked on killing those green pigs as I am, I’ll save you some time with these tips! Here are 8 tips on how to beat Angry Birds.

Like anything else, in sports or gaming, it takes practice to succeed. That includes Angry Birds! Want to know how to beat Angry Birds? Keep trying! Sling those birds over and over again until you see them in your sleep.

Vacation Mode walkthrough[]

Episode Status Progress
Sandy Beach (VR)/Picnic Point (AR) Taken By ChickenLover21 (adding s and format only) Taken
Rocky Climb (VR)/Rocky Ruins (AR) Taken By ChickenLover21 (adding s and format only) Taken
Snowy Slopes (VR)/Frosty Hideout (AR) Taken By ChickenLover21 (adding s and format only) Taken
Party Peak (VR)/Porky Palace (AR) Taken By ChickenLover21 (adding s and format only) Taken

Go for 3 Stars

If, after beating a level, you didn’t receive all three stars, try again until you did. Why? Because not all golden eggs can be obtained until every level in every world has been completed with all three stars. To earn all three stars and accumulate points, try to kill all the pigs with the fewest number of birds possible. Each star has a point threshold, and any remaining bird earns you 10,000 points.

can you beat angry birds

Extending your view can provide you with a better distant view of the level you’re trying to master. Seeing more of the board can be beneficial at times. Sometimes, you might want to zoom in. You can see exactly how to beat Angry Birds by trying both approaches until you find the view that works best for you.

can you beat angry birds

Walk Away from It

Initially, I advised you to keep trying in order to beat Angry Birds. In that instance, you may need to set your iPad aside and take a short break. In one of the hardest levels for me, I would occasionally become so exhausted or irritated that I would make careless mistakes. Take a short break, set it down, grab a snack, and then pick it back up!

can you beat angry birds


Can you complete Angry Birds?

Not really, the game keeps on updating and updating with more levels. The most recent(I think) was the Bad Piggies one, with a lot of new levels. And I won’t be surprised if they add a new bird…

Who is the strongest character in Angry Birds?

Ethan “Mighty” Eagle [note 1] (also known as just Mighty) is an optional, gigantic bald eagle who appears in the Angry Birds series. The Mighty Eagle is the most powerful bird in the Angry Birds series.

How many levels does Angry Birds have?

Angry Birds currently has 435 levels and 79 bonus levels, all within 10 episodes and 2 bonus episodes. Every episode has 45 levels except for the episode 1, which has 63 levels, episode 2, which has 42 levels, episode 9, which has only 30 levels and Jurassic Pork which has 46 levels.