can wild turkeys get bird flu

“Many people have gotten in touch with me regarding this,” Chamberlain stated. “One was an outfitter in the Sheridan, Wyoming area. He called me last week as I was about to drive from South Dakota to visit him, saying, “My birds are gone.” I was supposed to hunt on his land. ’”.

Expert on wild turkeys Mike Chamberlain told MeatEater, “To be honest, we haven’t really paid a lot of attention to it because it typically affects other species like waterfowl and domestic chickens.”

In the press release, FWP Director Hank Worsech stated, “We’re taking the threat from HPAI very seriously and monitoring the stock closely in partnership with staff at the prison.” “People are taking amazing precautions to make sure the flock is healthy—better than any hospital.” They’ve gone above and beyond from a biosecurity standpoint. ”.

The previous major outbreak lasted from the winter of 2014 to June of 2015, when the country’s more northern regions finally experienced enough warming to put an end to the cold-adapted virus. The current strain of bird flu originated in China and migrated to North America via migratory bird movement, similar to the 2014–2015 outbreak.

He recalled, “I was hurrying through this pasture, trying to kill a bird before it flew, when I happened to glance over my shoulder and see a dead horned owl lying there.” “I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but when that outfitter called me the next day, I couldn’t help but wonder if that bird had avian influenza and passed away as a result. I reported it, but I was unable to retract my actions at the time. After realizing that, I had already traveled four hours. ”.

According to John Motoviloff, a turkey hunter with the National Wild Turkey Federation, “it’s really not a major concern for me and probably not for most turkey hunters.” “In theory, it is feasible, and I wouldn’t harvest a sick turkey if I saw one.” It would be very simple. Being a certified science guy, I would probably call the game warden or county wildlife biologist and ask, “Hey, can you euthanize this bird? Can we test it and see if we can find out?”

“Therefore, if the individual was in a marsh, a park, or another area where they encountered goose droppings or something similar, or if they were traveling through a location where birds had congregated, it is now on their car,” Finger stated. It gets into those through their boots, clothes, and other items that weren’t cleaned before entering the facility. ”.


Can bird flu affect wild turkeys?

It is possible for wild turkeys to contract the disease, but the risk is considered low, and any outbreaks would be small and localized. Disease transmission is fecal to oral, although it can be transmitted airborne in hot, crowded poultry barns.

How do I know if my turkey has bird flu?

Signs of Avian Flu Illness in Birds Sudden death; lack of energy, appetite and coordination; purple discoloration and/or swelling of various body parts; diarrhea; nasal discharge; coughing; sneezing; and reduced egg production and/or abnormal eggs.

Is it safe to eat turkey with bird flu?

Most people don’t need to worry about getting sick with bird flu virus. You cannot get bird flu from eating fully cooked chicken, turkey, or duck, because heat kills the virus. In a few cases, bird flu was passed from one person to another person, not from a bird to a person. But this was very rare.

Can wild animals get avian flu?

Bird flu viruses have in the past been known to sometimes infect mammals that eat (presumably infected) birds or poultry, including but not limited to wild animals, such as seals, bears, foxes, skunks; farmed mink; stray or domestic animals, such cats and dogs; and zoo animals, such as tigers and leopards.