can pigeons eat wild bird seed

How to Feed Wild Pigeons. Feeding wild pigeons can be a great way to get these interesting birds to hang around your garden, home or apartment. It may also keep them healthier than they might be and give them a longer life expectancy. There are some things to keep in mind though as you feed wild pigeons.

Realize that you shouldnt feed wild pigeons scraps such as bread crumbs. Most wild bird experts feel that bread offers birds no nutritional value and a constant diet of bread may actually starve birds to death, since they wont be able to get the nutrition they need for survival.

Feed your pigeons a mixture of grain products such as corn, sunflowers, sorghum (kafir), and dried peas. These items should not be cooked, though drying these products is fine.

Make sure you dont give wild pigeons just one kind of grain or food. Make sure the food you provide has variety in it to help the pigeons be as healthy as possible.

Go to your local pet store to purchase a pigeon or dove grain or a mixture of seeds. Wild bird seed is okay, but try to get to get feed specifically tailored to the needs of pigeons.

Spread the pigeon feed out onto your deck or grass. You probably wont need to use a hanging feeder since those tend to be made for smaller song bids. Before you know it, youll have a number of pigeons eating the feed. If you use a deck, be prepared to have to clean it periodically since pigeons can be very messy.

Provide a water source for your pigeons such as a bird bath or even a bucket full of clean, fresh water. Pigeons require a great deal of water for survival.

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Should I Feed Pigeons?

In the UK, there is some debate about whether or not it is permissible to feed pigeons. In certain areas, feeding pigeons may be discouraged because they are considered pests, at least when they are in the wild. This is because pigeons breed quickly, so if you’re not careful, a place could quickly become overrun with them. If they find food, they will start to hang around more.

This is an issue for tourist attractions and places with a lot of eateries or shops. Pigeons can be very disruptive, and it can cause trouble for these vendors if pigeons are harassing and pestering their customers. This is why it is generally discouraged when it comes to feeding pigeons in public.

Nonetheless, you can provide food for the pigeons that come to your garden. Pigeons will naturally gravitate toward bird feeders and bird tables, so you should have no trouble getting them to feed in your garden.

can pigeons eat wild bird seed

Spread the pigeon feed out onto your deck or grass. A hanging feeder won’t likely be necessary because those are usually designed for smaller song bids. You will soon have a large flock of pigeons consuming the feed. Pigeons can be very messy, so if you use a deck, be prepared to have to clean it on a regular basis.

Give your pigeons a variety of grain products to eat, like dried peas, corn, sunflower seeds, and sorghum (kafir). While drying these products is acceptable, cooking these items is not advised.

How to Feed Wild Pigeons. One excellent way to get these fascinating birds to hang around your garden, house, or apartment is to feed the wild pigeons. Additionally, it might prolong their life and keep them healthier than they otherwise might be. However, there are a few things to consider when providing food for wild pigeons.

Give your pigeons access to clean, fresh water in the form of a bucket or a bird bath. Pigeons require a great deal of water for survival.

Visit your neighborhood pet store to buy a blend of seeds or pigeon or dove grain. Wild bird seed is acceptable, but make an effort to obtain feed designed with pigeons’ needs in mind.

What Do Pigeons Eat?

Pigeons are very resourceful and resilient birds that will probably eat almost anything given the chance. If you have ever seen a pigeon in a busy city or town centre chances are they haven’t gotten to be so plump and well-fed eating bird food and insects.

Like most birds, pigeons prefer bread when foraging for food in crowded areas. If you’d like, you can give the bread and any other food scraps that are safe for birds to eat to the pigeons that visit your garden. Even though pigeons are hardy birds, their digestive systems are still delicate, so always check before feeding them.

Naturally, the best thing to do is to provide pigeons with appropriate, high-quality bird food that has been carefully formulated and examined to ensure that it is safe for the birds to consume.

If you are keeping pigeons as pets or plan to use them for racing then you must feed them the right food and make sure that they are healthy and eating properly. Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we have a range of bird food that has been specially designed for birds, both wild birds or pets, so you know your pigeon is getting food that will help them.

can pigeons eat wild bird seed


Is wild bird seed okay for pigeons?

You still have to add things to them to improve them. And in some places the pigeon mixes that are sold are too high for some to afford. Some places it’s ridiculous what they want, and in some areas not all that many places carry them. Wild bird seed isn’t enough on it’s own, but with additions, it can be fine.

What should you not feed pigeons?

Junk food, chocolate, salty foods (chips, pretzels, popcorn), as well as products containing caffeine and alcoholic beverages may be toxic to birds and should not be offered.

What can I feed to wild pigeons?

Wild pigeons and doves eat a variety of grains, seeds, greens, berries, fruits, and will occasionally eat insects, snails and earthworms.

Is it bad to feed wild birds seeds?

Plenty of people choose to augment plants with birdseed, too. Yet experts disagree about whether this kind of backyard bird feeding will significantly help bird populations, and research indicates that it can even disrupt migration patterns or unbalance population sizes.