can kendall jenner make bird noises

Kendall Jenner is known for her ability to pull off any outfit, but there is one talent she discovered she has as a child that surprised everyone.

Kendall Jenner is known for her talents as a supermodel and also for her love of horses. She is more of the outdoor type and has been said to be on more of the Jenner side of the family as opposed to the Kardashian side.

However, like many reality TV stars, Kendall has also previously been referred to as being talentless. Not wanting to allow this label to get the better of her, in recent years, Kendall has revealed to the world what her unique talent is, which is something no one expected.

What Is Kendall Jenner’s Talent?

Kendall showed Vogue her special talent during one of their renowned “73 questions” sessions. It remains to be seen if this is just one of Kendall’s party tricks, but she was more than happy to demonstrate her special talent to the magazine and onlookers.

Most people would assume Kendall would view modeling as one of her talents, but this doesn’t appear to be the case. It is, after all, her job, and it is always beneficial to have an interest or skill outside of work to focus on and to impress people around you.

She has admitted that her unique talent is being able to make bird noises and as this interview was being filmed, Kendall took the opportunity to show off this talent to everyone watching.

It turns out that her skill is so remarkable that it is difficult to distinguish between Kendall’s impression of a birdcall and an actual one.

can kendall jenner make bird noises

Fans of the model won’t be surprised by this unusual skill because Kendall has previously displayed it on the Instagram page of friend and fellow model Cara Delevigne. The video’s bird noises are so lifelike that viewers could mistakenly believe they are hearing actual birds without even watching the footage.

Since Kendall has such a rare talent, many have questioned how she even found out she has it. About a year after she first revealed it, Kendall had to answer all of the questions about it in an Instagram live.

Kendall revealed that she actually discovered she had the talent when her father, Caitlin Jenner, was trying to teach her how to whistle. Whilst she was unable to actually whistle, which is something a lot of people are able to do, she said the only sound she could make was one that sounded like bird song, and she has clearly kept this talent up.

can kendall jenner make bird noises

Additionally, she disclosed on the Instagram Live that she had attempted to fool her teachers by pretending to be a bird in the classroom by making bird noises. That appears to have worked, proving that in addition to her incredibly special talent, she is also a fantastic practical joker.

Kendall also gives viewers a quick tour of her mother’s shoe closet in another part of the video; sadly, Kriss Birkin’s bag closet isn’t shown there—I assume that was added soon after this was shot. I’m a size 6; Mama Kris, if you ever need to do some purging, look at all those Yeezy Boosts!

Near the end, when she embarrassingly confronts Kendall from her renowned magazine desk (which is literally a desk full of magazines), Kris also beckons from one of her signature lemon dresses.

She has been tasked with converting Kendall’s old room into a planetarium, which is why she first appears in the video dressed like a construction worker (LOL)

Kendall Jenner, the September cover girl for Vogues, is the subject of the publication’s most recent round of 73 Questions. She touches on a lot of topics, including her favorite movie (The Notebook), favorite beauty product (red lipstick), and even her current favorite sister (Khloé). The video’s best moment, though, may be when Kendall shows off her untapped skill—making bird noises. Her voices are so convincing that one would think Cinderella and her avian companions would make an appearance, but Vogue went above and beyond by casting Kris Jenner instead of Cinderella.

But Kendall And Her Family Have Been Branded As ‘Talentless’

Though Kendall and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family possess a special talent that is undoubtedly uncommon, they have frequently been called untalented. Many family members have frequently discounted this narrative, which the media seems to favor most of the time.

Even Kendall herself has called this story “out of hand” at times in the past, most notably during the second season of the family’s popular reality show The Kardashians. She claimed that the media often presents a negative story about families and that they like to run with certain narratives about them.

can kendall jenner make bird noises

Because they are tired of the media fabricating a story that the family claims is based on what the media wants the rest of the world to believe, other family members have frequently come out about various articles written against them.

Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that the Kardashians defy the stereotype that reality TV stars lack talent, given that she’s one of the highest-paid models and has the ability to secretly make realistic bird noises. Additionally, each of her family’s businesses has been established.


Why does Kendall’s face look different?

Kendall Jenner’s Lip Injection Lip injections are a common procedure for many celebrities, and Kendall Jenner is no exception. Since Kendall Jenner lip injections, when she was too young, Kendall Jenner lips have gotten bigger and bigger over the years.

What sound do birds make?

sing = when birds are making a musical sound. tweet/twitter/cheep/chirp = when birds are making short, high sounds. shriek/cry = a very loud, piercing sound made by a bird. hoot = the deep sound made by an owl.