can i put cayenne pepper in bird seed

Bird seeds are the best way to attract birds into our backyards, and there is no denying this fact. Things like cayenne pepper in bird seed can work magic by driving away pests and other animals!

But why do we attract birds in the first place? Simple. Birds are the most alluring and entertaining creatures on the planet, and they thrive by bringing more life and essence to the orb of life. They tend to cheer up any neighborhood with their captivating chirps and beautiful personality. It is no wonder that bird watching is a hobby for many nature enthusiasts.

With these, you must have realized how crucial bird seeds are in attracting bird seeds, and let us look at various issues birds face and tips to feed them before diving into the benefits of cayenne pepper in bird feed.

Why Birds Are Able To Eat Hot Chilli Pepper?

Because their bodies are not impacted by capsaicin in the same way that mammals’ bodies are, birds can consume hot chili peppers. This implies that eating extremely spicy food won’t harm birds in any way. Furthermore, unlike mammals, birds lack taste buds, so they are unable to detect the heat of chilli peppers as humans do. Because of this, you can use chilli pepper to scare away squirrels from your bird feeders without having to worry about endangering your feathered friends.

How To Add Cayenne To Bird Seed

Another excellent method to keep squirrels from nibbling on the contents of your bird feeders is to add cayenne pepper to the bird seed. The spicy flavor of cayenne pepper comes from the capsaicin it contains, a type of chilli pepper. The cayenne-infused birdseed will not make a squirrel’s mouth water, and they will soon learn to stay away from it. When using cayenne, mix some of the powder with your birdseed and add it to the feeder. Every time you replenish the seed, apply a fresh coating for optimal results. Pets may react negatively to the capsaicin in cayenne, so keep them away from the feeders. Now you can sit back, relax,.

You can deter squirrels from coming near your bird feeders and make sure the birds have enough food by using either cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes. These techniques will undoubtedly give birds a sufficient and safe food source if they are used and maintained with care.

Another successful strategy to deter squirrels from using your bird feeders is to use chilli powder. Because chilli powder contains capsaicin, which gives it a spicy flavor that squirrels dislike, they are discouraged from consuming the birdseed. To use chilli powder, just dust the birdseed with a little bit of it before putting it in the feeder. Just like with red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper, make sure to coat the seed fresh every time you replace it. Also, keep pets away from the feeders because the capsaicin in them may cause negative reactions. Chilli powder can be used and maintained properly to provide your birds with an abundance of food supply and to keep intruding squirrels at bay.

Another excellent tool to deter squirrels from using your bird feeders is chili oil. The spicy flavor produced by the capsaicin in chilli oil discourages squirrels from consuming the birdseed by making it taste unpleasant to them. To use it, just mix the birdseed in the feeder with a few drops of chili oil. For optimal effects, make sure to add fresh drops of chilli oil each time you replenish the seed. Additionally, since pets may be sensitive to capsaicin, keep them away from the feeders. Chilli oil can be used and maintained carefully to ensure that your birds have an abundance of food and that no bothersome squirrels get in the way.

What is Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne pepper is a member of the Capsicum annuum family of peppers, and its name refers to how hot it is. It is a spice that is primarily used in a variety of meals and cuisines to enhance flavor.

These fruits are harvested from the capsicum plantations, meticulously sorted according to their degree of spice, and then machine-ground into a powder. After going through the required processing steps, this pepper is then sold for a profit.

However, there are instances where the cayenne pepper isn’t actually made from the capsicum; instead, it’s a blend of various peppers. In any case, it’s known to flavor and spice food.


How much cayenne pepper do you put in bird seed?

Most online recipes for pepper in bird seed suggest about 3 tablespoons of cayenne pepper per pound of seed. You can use more, if you like.

Can birds eat cayenne pepper?

Capsaicin is most concentrated in the tissues surrounding the seeds (on the inside of each pepper). It triggers taste receptors found in birds and mammals. But it also stimulates a certain kind of pain receptor found in mammals but not in birds, and that’s why birds have no adverse reaction to eating peppers.

Can you add hot pepper to bird seed?

Hot pepper can be added to suet products, bird food cakes, cylinders and seed. I have always felt that these are the safest use of hot pepper for humans as these “bind” the hot pepper.

Can you put hot sauce on bird seed to keep squirrels away?

The Hot Sauce Hack Squirrels Don’t Want You to Know. Does your bird feeder bring all the squirrels to the yard? Well, we’ve got a little Aardvark secret for you: Spice up your birdseed with a little hot sauce, and those squirrels will start swinging from your neighbor’s bird feeder instead of yours.