can i paint my bird cage

While painting, be sure to:

  • move bird to a separate room
  • work in a well-ventilated area
  • apply paint in a thin coat
  • When using spray paint, make sure to move a large piece of cardboard or paper behind the cage to serve as a backdrop and collect any excess paint.

In general, look for paints which:

  • do not contain lead, zinc or chromate
  • are “high adhesion”, formulated to bond with the metal surface
  • are hard-wearing
  • are fast drying

We recommend ECOS Gloss paint for painting bird cages. It requires a suitable primer on bare metal – their Stainblock being a good choice. The biggest problem is the time required for the paint/finish to fully cure. We recommend 24 hours for the primer to dry, then three thin coats of gloss, allowing 24 hours between each. The gloss then needs between six and ten days to fully cure. This requires alternative accommodation for the bird during renovation.

You can now buy VOC free paint found here (as an example)

According to aviculturists, if perches or appropriately-sized tree branches are wired (we use cable ties) onto the inside of bird cages, the birds will be encouraged to climb by gripping these with their beaks and not even coming into contact with the wire bars when doing so.

It is important to note that, provided they are dry, the majority of paints that have been sold in the US for the previous 40 years can be safely applied to human infants.

It might wear out more quickly than a larger bird cage due to its size. We are aware of numerous cases where someone upgraded to a larger birdcage, then refinished the older, smaller cage to use as a sleeping or travel cage.

There should be a minimum of three different types of bird perches in every parrot cage (for hookbill birds): hardwood, soft wood, and


Is paint toxic to birds?

Paint with high levels of VOCs can produce toxic fumes that you don’t want your bird to inhale.

Can I paint a bird cage with Rustoleum?

I’ve researched this thoroughly, and most rustoleum products are safe. Don’t get the metallic/glitter type.

What paint is good for birds?

When painting birdhouses, use safe, non-toxic paint that doesn’t harm nesting birds that decide to move into the abode. Look for water-based and acrylic paints labeled non-toxic, or opt for all-natural mediums like Real Milk Paint.

How do you fix a rusty bird cage?

I think a wire brush like you clean a grill with would do a good job. Remove all the rust before painting so your paint won’t flake off. Use a good spray paint that is made to paint over rust like Rustoleum.