can i bring bird nest to china

The following imported bird’s nest and bird’s nest products are monitored by Decree 248:

HS Codes Prodcut Name CIQ Codes Inspection and quarantine name Product Category
0410001000 Birds nest 103 Birds nest (birds nest products) Birds Nest and Birds Nest Products
0410001000 Birds nest 101 Birds Nest (Mao Yan) Birds Nest and Birds Nest Products
0410001000 Birds nest 104 Birds Nest (with health food approval number) Birds Nest and Birds Nest Products
0410001000 Birds nest 102 Birds Nest (Edible Birds Nest) Birds Nest and Birds Nest Products

1. What are the common mistakes in registration?

(1) The product was incorrectly classified, and the inappropriate access method and procedure were used. (2) To examine the enterprise’s components and carry out feasibility studies, the Key Points of Control Inspection for Registration of Overseas Production Enterprises of Imported Birds Nest and Birds Nest Products (3) Electronic application has not been submitted. “Overseas Birds Nest Registration Application and Birds Nest Products Imported Manufactures” (4) The materials or attachments submitted for registration are not in either Chinese or English.

(5) The file format is incorrect and cannot be opened.

(6) A space exists in the application materials requesting the signature and seal of the appropriate authority.

(7) The necessary parts of the application form are incomplete.

(8) The application form’s attachments are either missing pieces or don’t match the description of its content, which makes it impossible to verify the accuracy of its contents.

(9) The application form and the materials attached contain descriptions that are blatantly at odds with Chinese regulations.

(10) The application’s information about the exported goods is inaccurate, necessitating an immediate addition to address the customs clearance failure. (International manufacturers typically register their products based on how closely they match the HS CODE; however, Chinese brokers or freight agencies typically categorize HS CODE based on the most advantageous tax rate, the least stringent supervision requirements, or the most straightforward operational procedures. There are instances where the same foods are assigned a different HS CODE by various ports and freight companies. Different classifications could occur, and our agency has to handle a lot of emergencies brought on by the legitimate but inappropriate demands of various market entities. ).

(11) The application materials provided are contradictory.

(12) The nation or origin where the foreign producers are based exports firstly certain foods without having yet to carry out an equivalent conformance assessment of the official GACC regulatory system.

2. An example of GACC does not approve review feedback? 3. How to renew the GACC registration after the previous CNCA access of the overseas manufacturer of imported dairy products expires?

Response: Information from the CNCA system was moved to GACC, and the original license is still in effect. Nonetheless, the business must complete the expansion procedures in accordance with Decree 248 and 249 requirements prior to the expiration date. 4. A: Yes, the exporter of the trade contract or the shipper of BL is required to complete the ire (Original AQSIQ) record. An 11-digit record number will be issued to you after the recording; this number is not a validity limit or a certificate. Note that this record is very simple, and we are required to provide free assistance with the applicant record. Watch out for fraudulent websites. (In Chinas administrative reform, AQSIQ no longer exist).

In August, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine approved regulations requiring visitors to the nation to declare any items in their luggage that may contain genetically modified goods, endangered species of animals, or plants.

Pets from rabies-affected areas will spend 30 days in quarantine. Others will be kept in quarantine stations for a week.

According to the city’s quarantine bureau, 1 metric ton of prohibited goods, primarily seafood, meatballs, yogurt, and fruit, were seized on Thursday from ports of entry throughout Shenzhen, which is located in Guangdong.

On Thursday, at the Guangzhou East Railway Station in the Tianhe district, where a service from Hong Kong ends, a number of people were stopped while trying to bring in fruit.

Gifts of bird’s nest are common in China, especially in the south. However, only canned varieties are allowed past customs.

Imported Food Compliance Services 1. Feasibility analysis of food import

2. Regulatory requirements and compliance procedures related to food import

3. Special product pre-license consultation

4. Consultation on other food import problems


Can you bring birds nest on a plane?

Birds’ nests are high in calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. However since bird’s nests are considered likely carriers of infectious diseases they are prohibited from entry to the U.S.

Is bird nest illegal in US?

This law says: “No person may take (kill), possess, import, export, transport, sell, purchase, barter, or offer for sale, any migratory bird, or the parts, nests, or eggs of such bird except as may be permitted under the terms of a valid permit…” Under the MBTA it is illegal to destroy a nest that has eggs or chicks in

What do Chinese do with birds nest?

Culinary use. The best-known use of edible bird’s nest is bird’s nest soup, a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. When dissolved in water, the bird’s nests have a flavored gelatinous texture utilized in soup or sweet soup (tong sui).

Can you relocate a birds nest?

We don’t recommend that you move the nest; Birds will often abandon their nest if it is moved. Only in extreme circumstances should you consider relocating a nest, and if you do, it must be replaced very close, within a few feet of the original location. Once relocated, watch and make sure the parents are returning.