can crows eat bird seed

I want to start feeding them and befriending them because they follow me around like this anyhow. Which kind of seed should I start with, human food or seed from a pet store?

To put things in perspective, I have never before fed crows, but they follow me everywhere. They have always followed me to school, and one of them even attempted to land on my head a few years ago (I say that because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t swooping or dive bombing, and it didn’t hurt me). I’m 19 and a college student. It appeared as though it was trying to land on my head but missed the landing.

ETA: They have been following me for approximately eight years, and it is legal in this area to feed corvids.

Throughout the majority of the year, crows have no trouble finding berries and fruit on their own. They will consume practically any wild food that is growing in your yard’s bushes or vines, or on trees in the woods. Crows enjoy eating things that are poisonous to humans. Some examples are poison oak, sumac, dogwood, and pokeberry. If you’ve allowed crows to visit your yard, make sure to always have fruit available. Figs, blueberries, cranberries, apples, cranberries, and cherries are all excellent options. Your birds may consume citrus fruits, but our crows won’t.

Backyard: A variety of living creatures, such as insects, worms, spiders, and small animals like frogs, are attractive to crows. Crows are beneficial to the yard because, contrary to popular belief, they consume the same kind of grubs and insects that harm plants and food crops. Although they do occasionally consume rodents, small birds, and nest eggs, our other animals are actually safer than we realize if we feed the crows a healthy diet.

We showed the bird the insects, spiders, and other creatures that lived in and around the house as soon as it could eat them, teaching it how to eat his natural food. Almost from the beginning, we allowed him to fly outside. At night, we brought him inside, first to the house and then to the shed. He spent a full year living with us before stopping by the following summer for some food and company.

A few years ago, I began feeding these astute and circumspect birds during the winter months in my backyard. To my surprise, they also serve as morning doves’ guardians. In my yard, I had observed these crows pursuing and thwarting a hawk’s attempt to capture a dove. They have done this several times. So I am definitely loving and feeding these amazing birds. Watching them bring their young to feed in the spring is truly amazing. I feed them everything we have leftover from the table, including meats and sunflower seeds that fall to the ground from the bird feeders. Eva ????.

We love crows! I live in America, where there are three main breeds of crow, including American Crows, Fish Crows, and Northwestern Crows. Theyre a bit different from the Common ravens, and other ravens, found in some other parts of the world. Although there are many varieties of each, their diets are fairly similar, so to make it easy for me, Ill call them all crows from here on!


Do crows eat regular bird seed?

Seeds and nuts: In my experience, like yours, crows don’t really like bird seed, especially the small seeds we feed the songbirds. They will eat larger seeds, though, like sunflower, (which are plentiful in my yard as that’s what we feed our birds year-round) and pumpkin. Crows love nuts!

Why do crows not eat at bird feeders?

Crows are rather large and are adapted to ground feeding. If you see crows out eating, they are almost always eating off the ground. They do not have the grasping abilities the smaller birds have, like Chickadees and Titmice. Also, crows are rather heavy, making them awkward on a feeder or a platform.