can budgies live with other birds

Keeping Male Parakeets Together

If both of your birds are male, there will be sporadic fights. It’s critical to understand that bringing a parakeet home entails making noise in the house. Normally, this is soothing and melodic, but during mating season, a few males can make quite the racket between them.

can budgies live with other birds

If you’re extremely unlucky, one of the parakeets will become ill from being teased. Putting the victim or the bully in a different cage is the only choice available in certain situations. This dilemma is very uncommon, though.

What Birds Can Be Kept With Budgies Safely?

You may know that birds enjoy being around other species. Not all bird species are compatible with your budgies. Selecting the right bird is essential for a contented and peaceful living environment. This post’s topic is “What birds are compatible with budgies,” in case you were wondering.

Budgerigars are wonderful pets because of their intelligence, playfulness, and manageable size. Companion birds can be a great addition to your pet if you have limited time to spend with them.

The Factors To Consider

Searching for a companion parrot to accompany your budgie? Consider the creature’s temperament and space needs. Also, check compatibility of your bird with other species. Consider these factors before adding any new birds to your aviary. This is essential to their health and well-being.

Is there enough space for your bird to exercise and fly? Depending on its size, an aviary can house several species of budgies. Examine the needs and behaviors of each species to see if they can coexist peacefully.

Temperament also plays a crucial role. Look for birds that resemble your budgie in terms of personality or energy level. If the birds are entirely different in nature, they could be stressed and have conflicts.

These factors will help you find the right parakeet friend. Consider the space requirements and the temperament. Also consider compatibility between birds. Then, you can guarantee that your feathered companion has a contented home. Prior to introducing a new bird, always conduct research and speak with a bird expert.


What birds can be with budgies?

They make great pets. It is important to know the size of other birds and their compatibility when considering budgies living with them. As an example, lovebirds, conures and finches can cohabit with budgies. However, they will need different diets and space.

Are budgies aggressive to other birds?

In the wild, budgies choose a mate. We present them with a mate and expect them to like each other, and a lot of times they don’t. The problem with female budgies is they can be so aggressive, if they do not like another bird in the cage, they will kill it.

Can a budgie live without another budgie?

Budgies are incredibly social creatures, and they thrive on companionship. If you’re not able to spend a significant amount of time with your budgie, they might get lonely. Having a budgie buddy can provide them with social interaction, keeping them happy and engaged.

Can a budgie live with a cockatiel?

It’s not ideal to have budgies and cockatiels together anyway. If this is a very large aviary, the type you can walk into like they have at Zoos, then it can work as long as you never provide any nest boxes. But once they are allowed to breed, they will get very territorial and start fighting.