can birds eat maple syrup

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Although maple syrup can have a similar appearance and flavor, it can originate from forests that are drastically managed differently. While park-like monocultures of maple trees may enhance sap production in the short term and appeal to our neat aesthetic, they support relatively few birds and bird species. On the other hand, Runamok’s structurally and biologically varied sugarbushes provide excellent areas for birds to forage, find cover, and raise their young. Additionally, they should produce sap longer and with greater quality, have fewer issues with the health of the forest, and be more resilient to the effects of climate change.

See the label! Acknowledge and encourage participating maple growers for their hard work! Seek out maple syrup bottles bearing a label that states the syrup was made in a forest environment that is friendly to birds. Although maple sugarbushes are naturally beneficial to birds, intentionally managed forests are even more beneficial!

Runamok is attempting to think globally with every production decision they make because they recognize that they can do more than just safeguard the land that provides our food. The Runamok product facility’s rooftop solar panels will lessen its carbon footprint. Food waste is decreased by the post-infused ingredients and barrels they give to other food and beverage manufacturers.

At Runamok, they consider it vitally important to protect the land. Good maple syrup depends on healthy trees. Runamok’s guiding principles are to preserve the soil, promote biodiversity, and handle the land with care. Each and every tree in their sugarbush serves as the biosphere’s lungs, absorbing excess carbon and expelling oxygen. They adore that their working landscape serves as a natural air filter that is adjusting the carbon ratio in the right direction in addition to providing some of the best ingredients from North America.


Can you give birds maple syrup?

While honey and syrup may be tempting to offer to wild birds, including hummingbirds, it is not recommended to feed them these foods as it can be harmful to their health.

Is maple safe for birds?

Maple wood – in general – should be safe for natural wood bird perches once bark is removed. One source wrote that “red maple” is bad for horses, not really specifying why. Currently, I’d use almost any maple branch for a bird toy or perch.. Note about an Acer (Maple) called Boxelder.

Can parakeets have maple syrup?

It’s okay to add a small amount of pure maple syrup and a little low-fat milk. While parrots are said to be lactose intolerant, this amount will do no harm and seems to be much enjoyed… thereby providing incentive to the parrot initially reluctant to enjoy this.

Can birds eat honey?

While parrots may be attracted to the sweetness of honey, it is not recommended to feed them honey as it can be harmful to their health. Honey can contain harmful bacteria, which can cause digestive problems and even lead to illness or death in some cases.