can birds eat fruit cake

Below, we share some garden-bird-friendly Christmas dinner ideas and tips on what to feed your garden birds from your leftovers alongside their nutritious bird food. And we also talk about some Christmas dinner foods you shouldn’t be offering them.

What you can feed birds from your Christmas dinner leftovers

A common misconception is that since birds consume many of the same foods as humans, such as nuts, fruit, seeds, and grains, most of our leftover food is also appropriate for them. However, bird diets and beaks are very different from ours. You should therefore exercise caution when deciding what to put out for them.

Additionally, stay away from cured meats, chips, cakes, bread, and pigs in blankets because they typically contain processed, high-fat foods that are bad for birds. Cooked meats can also attract vermin, so best averted. Bread lacks vital nutrients and will cause your bird’s stomach to swell.

Additionally, crumbled or grated mild low-salt cheese can provide your birds with vital energy. Blackbirds, song thrushes, robins, and dunnocks all love cheese.

It is a good idea to abide by the general rule that foods that are unhealthy for humans are also probably unhealthy for wild birds.

Cold roast potatoes are another great source of fat. To serve, simply chop into peck size pieces and add to your ground feeder or bird table.

We are unable to feed Salted Nuts: Birds’ nervous systems can be harmed by excessive salt intake, which they cannot process.

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can birds eat fruit cake

Here are some ideas for a Christmas dinner that will appeal to garden birds, as well as some advice on what to feed your leftovers to your garden birds in addition to their wholesome bird food. We also discuss some foods you shouldn’t serve at Christmas dinner.


Can a bird eat cake?

The classic choice is stale bread, crusts, cake and biscuit which most birds will really enjoy, although you shouldn’t put out too much as the nutritional value is low. Break up any large pieces, and if it’s very hard you can soak in a little water to ensure birds don’t choke.

Can wild birds eat fruit?

Fresh grapes, bananas, cherries, and berries may all be taken by orioles, robins, Cape May Warblers, and other birds with a sweet beak. You can use fresh fruit or frozen, as long as it isn’t frozen in juices. Cutting larger fruits into bite-sized pieces can make them more desirable.

Can birds eat apple cake?

The birds that visit my garden hoover up any type of baked product, from fruit cake to stale doughnuts!! I always ensure that there is fresh, clean, water available. I also find they like Bananas (peeled) and Apples which are going rotten.

Can birds eat baked goods?

Please don’t give wild birds bread, crackers or other human snack foods. Bread has zero nutrition for wild birds. In fact, bread, crackers, chips and other human snacks are, in some ways, WORSE than feeding birds absolutely nothing.