can baking soda hurt birds

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There are many ways to use baking soda in the garden

After that accomplishment, I came up with a workable solution: I reasoned that the 20% concentrated acetic acid in vinegar would probably be too strong to use, but I had no idea what the concentration of this acid was (I know Google is only as far away as my desk, but I was on a mission here and didn’t have time to Google:-)). Based on a hunch, I diluted it five times, resulting in a final concentration that would be approximately 2012. I used an empty spaghetti sauce jar for the baking soda, and I poked some holes in the lid to make it a shaker. Then I set to work. I shook some baking soda on top of a sponge that I had dipped into the acetic acid solution while still wearing my surgical cloves. The stuff foamed like crazy. I should be past this little girl’s excitement over foaming baking soda as a chemical engineer, but hey, I guess that’s the part of me that never grows up. That’s cool! Why are chemical reactions like that always so satisfying? ??.

In terms of financials: Including shipping I paid €33. 85 for 10kg (=approx. 10l) of 60% Acetic acid. Should I dilute it to 5%, that implies that I will be paying 20%E2%82%AC0. The most efficient cleaner I’ve ever used costs $28 per liter, or $0.US for those of us who don’t use metric units of measurement. 35 per quart. Unbelievable! There’s no comparison! Needless to say, I’ll continue with this.

Then I tested it on my kitchen sink. Holy cow! That stuff works. I have never used a cleaner that works as well as this one. Ever! Unbelievable. Moreover, compared to all the commercial products I have tried over the years, it is far less expensive and less toxic. I am impressed. Even though I will never be recognized for my impeccable housekeeping, I am eager to try this out on my floors. That is definitely a first for me. ??.

It seems like “all” Americans use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning all the time. (lol, how’s that for generalization?) As the owner of several parrots and a dog, I constantly struggle with dirt. So I thought, “Great idea – I’ll try this. The fact that neither baking soda nor vinegar are likely to have undergone inhumane animal testing is particularly enticing. Humanity has been using them long before such tests were introduced. Additionally, baking soda and vinegar are safe for parrots and other pets in small amounts and are not harmful to the environment. I bought a large (10 kg) container of acid vinegar (the active ingredient in vinegar) and a similar large (5 kg) baking soda tub online because I’m a woman of action. This week, they both arrived, and this Saturday was set aside as the action day. I carefully (wearing plastic gloves and opening the window for ventilation) poured some acetic acid into a measuring cup and then into an empty bottle after struggling to open the safety seal on the acid for a long time. I should have worn goggles as well, but I didn’t bother. Pouring straight from the massive container into the fragile plastic bottle appeared to be a surefire way to go wrong (or at least cause a significant spill). Can’t be too careful, you know. ??.

What I am not so happy about is my hands. I did not remember to put on the plastic gloves for the floor experiment. It took only rinsing the mop with my hands to leave them feeling rough and dry. So going forward, wearing gloves is essential when using vinegar for cleaning. Since gloves are required for all other cleaners I have used, I can live with this if it is the only drawback I can find.

Close-Up Of Baking Soda With Drinking Water On White Background
There are many ways to use baking soda in the garden


Does baking soda harm birds?

It is important to note that birds are much more sensitive to the compounds found in baking soda than many other animals, so this product should not be used for pest control. Ingesting too much of the powder can even lead to potentially fatal health complications and should be avoided at all costs.

Can you use baking soda in bird cage?

You can use any mild, bird-safe cleaning solution available in the market or make your own by mixing water and vinegar or water and baking soda.

Can I put baking soda in my bird bath?

Baking Soda: Sprinkle soda over the bird bath, scrub well, hose down thoroughly, fill the basin, dump, and fill again to ensure no baking soda remnants are left behind. We’ll help you grow the plants you love! Algae is a big problem in bird baths because it can be toxic to birds.

What happens if you feed a seagull baking soda?

Baking soda will simply cause a seagull to become sick and may cause some stomach discomfort, including the release of gas. A seagull will not explode from eating baking soda and will likely not die.