can a bird survive after hitting a window

Unfortunately, several hundred million birds are killed each year as a result of collisions with windows.

Birds of all shapes and sizes travel at speeds high enough that a window collision almost always proves fatal. Birds that survive immediate impact are stunned and often fall prey to predators, like domestic cats, soon after a collision.

Why Are Birds Flying Into My Windows?

Most glass is not visible to birds as a barrier, so they frequently collide with windows that reflect the sky or surrounding vegetation. Most birds use the stars to guide them during their nighttime migrations, and they are attracted to city lights along their migratory flyways. When the city’s outline and the light source are less visible on foggy or stormy evenings, birds are particularly confused by light pollution.

Because of their confusion, birds land in cities, crash into structures, and in the worst situations, pass away from exhaustion. When fallen birds get back up and take off in the morning, they frequently fly toward a reflection and crash into a window.

Observe Bird Collision Patterns

Window strikes frequently follow a pattern. Occasionally, and during specific times of the day, you might discover dead or injured birds under the same window. Place yourself right in front of the glass to observe what birds are seeing in the reflection. To see the window reflection in various lighting conditions, repeat this at different times of the day.

Keep an eye on bird feeders and birdbaths to determine if birds are flying from those areas and hitting windows. If so, the majority of researchers concur that moving the feeder closer to the window is a good idea. Rarely do birds flying from a feeder that is only two or three feet from the glass reach a fast enough speed to cause harm to themselves.

Provide an Impact-absorbing Barrier

Among the most effective barriers to stop window strikes are standard window screens. Not only do they diffuse the reflection, but they also give colliding birds a bounce-back cushion.

Windows can be covered with screen that uses suction cups or hooks to adhere to the glass. By cushioning the bird in the event that it unintentionally flies toward the window, this lessens reflection and keeps it safe. Territorial birds are also deterred from attacking their reflection in the glass.


Can a bird recover from hitting a window?

Birds are often in shock after colliding with a solid surface. If step B is not possible, allow the bird time to recover inside the container (1-2 hours). Do not attempt to feed or provide water to the bird. Later, try to release the bird in suitable habitat away from the window.

How often do birds survive hitting windows?

Window strikes are among the top three human-related cause of bird deaths, along with cats and habitat destruction. Up to one billion birds die each year in the United States due to collisions with windows and research shows that 54-76 percent of window collisions are fatal.

Can a bird survive after being hit by a car?

Most birds struck by cars die very quickly, but some survive for a while. Injured, struggling birds along a highway can distract drivers, leading to accidents.

What is the best thing to do when a bird hits your window?

If you can’t get the bird to a wildlife rehabber, the next best thing is to take it to a safe place where it won’t fall victim to predators, hypothermia, or other hazards. You can keep the bird in a paper bag or shoebox in a dark, quiet room in your house away from pets and people.