can a bird nest be relocated

What to Know About Conservation Laws

There are laws in place to protect the nest and eggs of specific bird species, so be aware of them before attempting to remove the unwanted nest. Animal Charity of Ohio’s adoption coordinator, Jessica Jane MacMurchy, advises first consulting your local or state Department of Natural Resources. For instance, it is forbidden to tamper with any active nest from a native bird species in the United States, but if the nest has been abandoned or no eggs have yet been laid, it may be removed as needed. In fact, it is illegal to remove or relocate an active birds nest in many states, even in your own backyard.” However, this law does not protect the nests of invasive birds, such as European starlings or house sparrows.

When to Remove the Nest

After completing some of this preparatory homework, determine if a mother and her unhatched eggs are currently residing in the nest. In this case, MacMurchy recommends leaving the nest be. However, MacMurchy advises securely moving the nest if there is a significant likelihood that it and its occupant will be in immediate danger (that is, in danger from household pets and other obstructions like outdoor equipment). Additionally, MacMurchy advises verifying that an abandoned nest is truly abandoned before taking any further action if you happen to come across one during your spring cleaning. Sometimes, young birds will come back to the nest for a few days in order to get food from their parents, but after a few days, they will leave and stop coming to the nest. If so, you can safely discard the nest.

can a bird nest be relocated

Can You Move a Bird Nest With Eggs in It?

can a bird nest be relocated


Can birds find their nest if moved?

Courtesy Ashley Schindeldecker If you move an active nest, it’s unlikely the parent birds will continue to use it—they’ll abandon the eggs and try to build another nest.

Can you move a birds nest?

It’s illegal to move a nest just because it’s inconvenient to you. If the nest is truly in a life-threatening place (e.g., in your car’s exhaust pipe), or it is damaged as a result of being somewhere inappropriate, please call the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for advice.

What to do if a bird makes a nest in your backyard?

The best advice is to stop this process as soon as it starts. Remove the nest materials by hand or with a hose, making sure not to injure any nearby wildlife. This should be done daily, or even multiple times a day, because this action is only appropriate in the beginning stages of nest building.

What happens if you take a birds nest away?

Debris from the nest can clog gutters and drains and lead to a fire risk if the nest is inside a building. The nest itself may contain bacteria, pathogens, parasites, mites, ticks, and other pests. These dangers will remain in the nest even if the bird abandons the nest.