are ravens birds of prey rdr2

Birds of prey are a subset of animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. They’re hunting birds – eagles, hawks, owls and such. You’ll need to kill three of them with a tomahawk for the weapons expert challenge no.3. A lot of players are having trouble finding them, but there are several locations where they appear in relatively large numbers. This guide is going to show you Red Dead Redemption 2 bird of prey locations, so you can complete the challenge. Red Dead Redemption 2 Bird of Prey Locations – Eagle, Hawk, Owl

Red Dead Redemption 2

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  • Do you know of a good place to shoot tomahawks at birds of prey?
Mr_Penguin_007 5 years ago#1Topic.PSN: Coltoneus “I smoke cause it gives me knowledge!” – Citizen of San Andreas
SGRM 5 years ago#2Kill a deer, stand back and wait for the crows.Militant men in peaceful times attack themselves. PSN: SGRM_ Pawn: Emma
tomo012 5 years ago#3Yes ravens are considered birds of prey. Its easier to do than most realize.-The biggest oxymoron ever is an open-minded liberal.
igashijin 5 years ago#4Its also easier if you do it from higher ground.To dis examartein ouk andros sopho.
Dukestboy 5 years ago#5The bridge by Riggs station usually has a few birds of prey perched up on the barriersPSN: Dukestboy Keepin it Grimey
masher11 5 years ago#6eagles always land on top of feral mans cave. I got this challenge done hunting all those birds for hunting quests you mail.
PabloDuganheim 5 years ago#7If you find yourself waaay up north, go check out the area right around the wording of Lake Isabella on the map (expand in and its right around the 2 lls in Isabella). Its a great spot, as there is a carcass sitting in the middle of the ice that constantly and consistently spawns 3 bald eagles. Even if you scare them away they will quickly return. Since there is no cover on the ice, the trick here is to move as fast as you can in crouch and then pop into dead eye to throw a tomahawk. Id recommend the Homing t-hawk version, as that gives you more room for timing.I, for one, welcome our new feral ghoul overlords! (call me PD -its easier)
the_requiem 5 years ago#8I did that challenge twice and managed to nail it all down. Depends a lot on how far along in the game are you. If youre post epilogue, the newer area that is unlocked has lots of vultures. Works faster than any other area. If still in Chapter 2, my favorite area was Heartland Overflow, near the rail bridge between the Emerald Ranch. Eagles and Hawks spawn there, is an open area with clear view and a shrub to hide nearby. In case takes long, plentiful deer nearby to hunt. tomo012 posted…

Yes ravens are considered birds of prey. Its easier to do than most realize.

You sure? They count as Scavengers but not sure if count as Birds of Prey. I am sure I got one with Tomahawk and it didnt count.Monster Hunter Rise – Hammer ^Currently playing

Fist_of_Suns 5 years ago#9I got mine comming back out of the ranch house where all the odriscolls are(in the north west). Walked out and there were like 6 vultures sitting on the corpse pile. But the 80 yrd tomahawk is very hard for me. Ive seen vids about it upgraded to homing but the furthest kill I have been able to get was 61 yrds.Full sig in quote, cookie for who knows who said it. cookies given so far 8
InhumaneRaider 5 years ago#10The heartlands is easiest during the main story, new austin, epilogue.Stop donating to my Patreon, its a front for weapons trafficking. The War on Christmas begins now, comrades! Cash the Soros checks! Load the bubble tea!
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  • Do you know of a good place to shoot tomahawks at birds of prey?
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You are free to mix and match the birds of prey you kill because the game doesn’t specify which ones. The eastern shore of Lake Owanjila, which is close to the western border of the map, is where you’ll find the most eagles. Additionally, there is a community that resides halfway between Valentine and Strawberry by the Dakota River. The final hotspot is located close to Annesburg in the northeastern corner of the map. Although they are somewhat more uncommon, hawks can be found in two locations: one by the Elysian Pool, a small lake southwest of Annesburg, and another by the river southwest of Strawberry. The owl may be your best option; there’s a big area of land west of Blackwater where you can find lots of them, but they only venture out at night.

Given that you must hunt them with a tomahawk, which is not the most user-friendly weapon, you may want to use bait to entice them. For example, you can observe a recently killed deer from a safe distance by leaving it in a hawk’s habitat. A bird should come soon enough to feed. Leave a squirrel or a rabbit, and your target should bite the bait, as owls hunt smaller prey.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, a subset of animals are called birds of prey. They’re hunting birds – eagles, hawks, owls and such. For the weapons expert challenge, you must use a tomahawk to eliminate three of them. 3. Although many players are having difficulty finding them, they can be found in a few locations in relatively large numbers. To help you finish the challenge, this guide will show you where the Red Dead Redemption 2 bird of prey locations are. Locations for Red Dead Redemption 2’s Bird of Prey: Eagle, Hawk, and Owl


Are Ravens birds of prey?

The raven is a passerine, not a bird of prey, but due to its ecological similarity it has been adopted as an ‘honorary raptor’. This species is the largest passerine and is larger than a Common Buzzard. It is entirely black, including its plumage, legs, eyes and bill.

How do you attract bird of prey in RDR2?

Sneak up on them by making sure your sent doesn’t blow their way and try to throw your tomahawk from the furthest distance where your reticle is still red for an easy first kill. For the others you can lure an eagle down with the corpse of a dead deer or rabbit.

What are the rarest birds in RDR2?

Parakeets are one of the hardest animals to hunt because of how easy they are to startle. To make matters worse for hunters, these avian creatures are endangered in the RDR2.

Where are hawks or eagles in RDR2?

The skies above Armadillo have proven to be the best location for spotting Hawks in RDR2. You can find them north of the town as well, and as far south as Lake Don Julio. This hunting ground also spans to the east and as far west as Mercer Station.