are essential oils bad for birds

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular as a way to do everything from ease anxiety to treat certain health conditions. Traditionally used in aromatherapy, these potent oils are sometimes considered to be natural, alternative options to traditional medicine—and people are increasingly using them in their homes for a variety of purposes, but is it okay to expose your pet bird to these oils? The short answer is not likely, but it all depends on the oils you use, how you use them and, most importantly, what your vet has to say.

Dangers of Essential Oils for Birds

Since many essential oils are volatile substances, they may be hazardous to birds in certain amounts. This is because what is safe for people may not be suitable for your pets, particularly if the oils are kept in their original form at a concentration of 100%. The issue is that a lot of people who use essential oils rely on warmers and diffusers to get the oils into the air in their homes, so it’s hard to totally remove any risks to your bird or other pets. Owners of birds should always exercise extreme caution when using essential oils because birds can be particularly sensitive animals. The majority of veterinarians advise against using aerosolized essential oils around birds because there aren’t enough studies or data supporting their safety, especially when using diffusers and warmers. Additionally, there’s a chance that using these oils could harm birds.

You don’t have to completely avoid essential oils in your home if you use them carefully and appropriately, which includes diluting them, never getting them in your bird’s eyes, and having clear instructions from your vet. Anyone who owns a bird knows that taking care of these pets can occasionally be a stinky business. Essential oils seem to offer a more natural alternative to commercial chemical cleaners with synthetic fragrances, so some bird owners might even think about using them for both cage cleaning and air freshening. It is imperative that you thoroughly rinse everything you clean with essential oils to make sure your bird cannot inadvertently eat it or get the oil on its feathers.

Owners of birds should be aware that certain essential oils, like tea tree oil, can be extremely toxic to small animals, so they should never be used on birds or most other animals. To make sure you are not unintentionally poisoning your bird, make sure to obtain a list of toxic and non-toxic oils from your veterinarian or a specialist.

Although some people use essential oils in their diets for their therapeutic effects, adding them to your bird’s water is usually not a good idea. The oils may not blend well and may stay overly concentrated, which could be harmful (or even deadly) to your pet.

Comparably, although you may use essential oils on your own skin, you should never apply essential oils to a bird unless your veterinarian specifically directs you to do so (which is probably never). Adding essential oils to your bird’s feathers will make them heavier and probably make your pet more stressed.

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Are Essential Oils Safe for Your Bird?

Essential oils are derived from highly concentrated plant materials and are thought to offer a variety of health and wellness advantages for people. Some holistic veterinarians are even using essential oils in their practices. However, the use of essential oils to treat diseases and other ailments in animals is still relatively new, and not enough research has been done to establish whether or not these oils are actually beneficial to our pets or even just marginally effective in treating them.

Consequently, safety measures should always be followed whether you live with a dog, cat, or bird. Using any kind of essential oil near your feathered friends should always be done with caution, so you’ll want to make sure to always consult a veterinarian for birds in particular.


Are essential oil smells bad for birds?

Many essential oils are volatile compounds, and thus can prove potentially toxic to birds at certain concentrations—because what’s safe for humans isn’t necessarily safe for your pets, especially when the oils remain in their original form of 100 percent concentration.

Is it safe to use a diffuser around birds?

If you have a bird, you should avoid using an essential oil diffuser in your home. The ASPCA says essential oils and cats are not friends.

Does peppermint oil bother birds?

Are you wondering, “Can birds smell?” and “What smell deters birds?” Yes, some home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, peppermint, and chili pepper flakes may have a small repelling effect on birds. But nothing comes close to how birds hate the smell of the food grade ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate.

What scents are safe for birds?

As long as they are bird safe I use fresh fragrant herbs such as rosemary, mint, coriander, lavender (when fresh but it goes powdery so only use when fresh) and fresh cut flowers ie roses, I also use cloves and cinnamon sticks stuck into citrus fruit and allowed to dry by a radiator, particularly in the winter.