are essential oil diffusers safe for birds

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular as a way to do everything from ease anxiety to treat certain health conditions. Traditionally used in aromatherapy, these potent oils are sometimes considered to be natural, alternative options to traditional medicine—and people are increasingly using them in their homes for a variety of purposes, but is it okay to expose your pet bird to these oils? The short answer is not likely, but it all depends on the oils you use, how you use them and, most importantly, what your vet has to say.

What You Should Be Cautious Of When Using an Essential Oil Diffusers Around Your Pet Bird.

Essential oils can be safely used on your pet bird. Although ingestion by birds could make them toxic, inhalation exposure shouldn’t pose a threat. Since the lining of the bird’s digestive tract absorbs very little essential oil, any possible adverse effects will be significantly reduced.

The most likely scenario in which diffusers could be harmful is if an essential oil is burned and consumed. When taken in small doses, the vast majority of essential oils do not harm birds; however, when ingested in large quantities, they have killed birds.

Any oil product that could hurt your bird should always be used with caution. The only slight distinction is that a diffuser generates extremely minute amounts of essential oil that are safe for birds. While using a diffuser in your home should obviously follow the same safety procedures as using one in your car, there are additional risks to be aware of.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Your Bird?

Essential oils are derived from highly concentrated plant materials and are thought to offer a variety of health and wellness advantages for people. Some holistic veterinarians are even using essential oils in their practices. However, the use of essential oils to treat diseases and other ailments in animals is still relatively new, and not enough research has been done to establish whether or not these oils are actually beneficial to our pets or even just marginally effective in treating them.

Consequently, safety measures should always be followed whether you live with a dog, cat, or bird. Using any kind of essential oil near your feathered friends should always be done with caution, so you’ll want to make sure to always consult a veterinarian for birds in particular.

Staying Away From Poor Quality Essential Oils

Essential oils aren’t always completely pure when they’re produced. When a plant is distilled, any bacteria, pesticides, or other toxins present during the plant’s growth and harvest may be found in the root or bark. You can usually find traces of these contaminants in your preferred blend of essential oils. Several pet owners have been horrified to learn that an essential oil containing chemicals that may be dangerous to animals has injured their cherished dog or cat.

It is crucial that you use safe essential oils whenever you are around your beloved birds. Safe essential oils don’t include any chemicals or other ingredients that can endanger your bird. I’ve personally tested a lot of the natural and organic blends available, and I haven’t yet come across any that will endanger birds. Others who own pets and I have spoken with also report using essential oils on their birds, but only if the oils are pure and devoid of any chemicals or additives.


Are essential oil humidifiers safe for birds?

Essential oils, regardless of brand, are not bird-safe. Some oils are more hazardous than others, but I wouldn’t recommend using an oil diffuser around birds. Same with burning incense. Birds have very sensitive lungs that can be harmed by smoke and oil droplets in the air.

Can you use reed diffusers around birds?

Most essential oils should be safe to diffuse, but it is best to steer clear of more potent oils such as cinnamon or citrus oils. You should be sure to NEVER use tea tree oil around your bird or other small pets.

Are essential oils safe to diffuse around pets?

Some essential oils should never be diffused around dogs – even in small quantities. Using them around your pooch could lead to toxic effects that are simply not worth the stress or harm to your pet. Oils to stay away from include, but are not limited to: Citrus oils, like lemon or bergamot.