are cockatiel birds good pets

The cockatiel is a small parrot who sports a variety of colorful patterns and a head crest. Also known as quarrions or weiros, these birds arent as loud as other parrots, though they can still mimic speech and whistle.

Because of cockatiels smaller size, its easier to care and tame them compared to other parrot species. In fact, theyre friendly birds who enjoy pets and playing with their owners. As long as they have plenty of time to exercise and play, theyre a low-maintenance pet.

Life Expectancy: 15 to 20 years with proper care, and sometimes as long as 30 years, though this is rare

3. Cockatiels are dusty

All birds shed their feathers and create some dust, but some people have trouble with the cockatoo family, of which cockatiels are a member. Beneath their normal plumage, they produce a layer of delicate downy feathers that easily breaks apart with even the slightest touch. They therefore continuously release fine dust, which means that if you have allergies, you might not be able to live with one without experiencing symptoms.

Remember that a house with a cockatiel will require vacuuming much more frequently than a home without birds, even if you don’t have any allergies. Respiratory problems could arise in the event that adequate cleaning and air filtration are not provided.

5. Many like to cuddle

Cuddle, yes! Cockatiels are naturally very loving and social animals that love spending time with people. They enjoy being touched, and gentle ones will frequently beg you to stroke the feathers behind their crest.

Even cockatiels who are uncomfortable being touched will frequently enjoy just being near you or perched on your shoulder as you go about your regular activities.

6. They can learn to imitate tunes and short phrases

Cockatiels are recognized for their vocal skills; they can mimic brief sentences and enjoy whistling easy-to-learn melodies. They actually use the sounds they hear as a means of blending in with their favorite humans. While not every cockatiel is born with a singing voice, there are methods to develop or improve this innate ability.

A cockatiel can be trained to say a few words or phrases, such as their name, but their vocabulary will never be as extensive as that of champion talking birds like the African Grey Parrot. They can also be taught tunes. Try “I’m A Little Teapot” or “Tequila”; repetition is key!


What is the downside of cockatiels?

Cockatiels are dusty Even if you’re allergy-free, you’ll have to keep in mind that a home with a cockatiel will need vacuuming significantly more frequently than a bird-free dwelling. Without proper cleaning and good air filtration, there is a small risk of respiratory issues.

Do cockatiels like to be handled?

These little birds have a reputation as a gentle and docile bird. They are very affectionate and often like to be petted and held, though they’re not necessarily fond of cuddling. Instead, they simply want to be near their owner and will be very happy to see you. You will also find Cockatiels to be playful and active.

Is it OK to leave a cockatiel alone?

Being left alone is far from ideal, but it’s virtually impossible to get around things like school and work. Your bird will be stressed, and you can’t help that, but 7 or 8 hours isn’t too much to worry about as long as you spend lots of time with the bird when you get back.

Do cockatiels like being held?

It may take a long time for him to trust hands, and possibly he will never trust hands. Some birds seem to be naturally hand shy as part of their individual personality. Each bird is different and some are more outgoing and love being handled while others are content just having people around for company.