are birds eye vegetables gluten free

It’s common knowledge that frozen veggies are less nutrient-dense, tasteless, and of inferior quality than their fresh counterparts. But when cooked properly, frozen vegetables can be tasty and nourishing, and they can help you quickly prepare a homemade meal.

I also use frozen vegetables as a convenient side. There’s nothing better than heating up a steamer bag of frozen veggies in the microwave for quick preparation. They can create a really nutritious side dish, especially when you add your own seasonings and sauces. When it comes to microwavable vegetables, I suggest going with the steam varieties. They tend to be less watery than the traditional varieties. For a quick and simple dinner, my fiancé and I frequently eat Bird’s Eye Steamfresh broccoli and cauliflower with veggie burgers—sometimes a little too frequently.

I’ve discovered that allowing for a longer cooking time is one method to guarantee flavor when cooking with frozen vegetables. Soaking a soup or stew for at least an hour enables the vegetables to take up the flavor you’re adding. And to add a little brightness, I always add something fresh, just like with almost all ready-to-eat meals. Squeezed lime or lemon juice, or fresh greens, will help revitalize those vegetables.

In addition, I try to purchase organic and non-GMO products whenever I can. However, like with all of my grocery shopping, availability, cost, and convenience sometimes play a factor.

Therefore, don’t feel horrible if you have to use frozen veggies. There is nothing wrong with asking for help from the frozen aisle if you need it or just want a quick and easy way to add more veggies to a dish. Try your imagination; you never know what you’ll come up with, and you might be pleasantly surprised by how delicious those frozen vegetables can taste.


Are Birdseye veggies gluten free?

pack Birds Eye Veggies & Grains Frozen Vegetable Blend, Green Goddess Delicious whole grain blend of brown rice, red quinoa, broccoli florets, sliced zucchini and edamame in a green sesame tahini sauce with roasted pepitas Vegan, gluten free, an excellent source of protein, an excellent source of fiber; contains no …

What frozen veggies are gluten free?

The same goes for plain frozen veg – everything from frozen peas to frozen broccoli, spinach and french beans is also gluten free. The only times you need to watch out are with frozen potato products, such as french fries, and non-plain frozen veg, such as stir-fry mixes in seasonings or sauces.

Are Steamfresh frozen vegetables gluten free?

Is it Gluten Free? Yes! We believe this product is gluten free as there are no gluten ingredients listed on the label.

Which frozen corn is gluten free?

Unless clearly certified and labeled as such, you can’t assume a product is gluten-free. That said, plain corn—the kind you eat right off the cob—is always gluten-free.