are birds eating my grass seed

Who doesn’t like to hear birds chirping and singing in their melodious voices? It’s a lovely experience. Imagine spending time with your partner and kids and some small little birds. Although having birds near your home and on your lawn can be fun, having too many of them on freshly seeded grass is a big no-no. Birds love seeds. Before your new grass seeds can germinate, the birds will eat them up, resulting in an uneven lawn. If you plan to create a lawn, you need to know how to keep birds from eating grass seeds. We will go over the top 15 ways to deter birds without causing any harm to them in this post.

15 Ways To Keep Birds From Eating Your Grass Seeds

The only way to save your lawn from birds is to keep them away. Until the seeds sprout, it would be ideal if you used any of the following techniques.

Even after the grass has reached a certain height, there is no harm in utilizing the techniques below because birds also eat the roots of runners. The following techniques are exclusively meant to prevent birds from consuming your grass seeds. None of them are life-threatening to the birds.

Scaring birds before they enter your premise works well. The majority of strategies used to prevent birds from consuming your newly planted grass seeds use fear as a tool. You can use rubber snakes, fake owls, fake cats, and other things to frighten the birds. These days, owls can even be found with motion detectors attached to them, which cause them to begin owling when they see a bird.

The trick here is that the sounds, motions, and shadows of animals will dissuade the birds from completing their task on your lawn.

11. Install a bird feeder.

Installing a bird feeder is another strategy to divert the birds’ attention. It is a device used to supply food to birds. Because different bird species have different preferences, the location and type of food offered at a bird feeder determine its effectiveness. To prevent birds from eating the seeds you planted, add millet or sunflower seeds to your feeder. The feeders ought to be placed thoughtfully to lessen bird crowding. To prevent food molding, use feed additives and periodically clean the feeder.

9. Use bird tape.

“Bird tapes” are specialized holographic tapes that can discourage invasive birds without endangering them. When sunlight hits these tapes, it creates amazing flashes that scare the birds. These flash tape deterrents reflect light and have holographic designs. In addition, the tape will rattle if you leave it hanging, which will deter birds from visiting. Given that it scares birds both visually and audibly, it is an extremely effective tool.


What keeps birds away from grass seed?

Grass seeds can be protected from birds using some effective methods such as netting; scare tactics like scarecrows, balloons, and moving reflective objects; using noise deterrents and physical barriers.

Why are the birds eating my grass?

Basically, your lawn is the best restaurant around because it has so many bugs. Birds are simply foraging for grubs, worms, and insects. The good news about this is that the grubs and insects will actually do more damage to your lawn than the birds will, and the birds are helping you control the population.

Will birds eat grass seed with fertilizer?

Birds will eat lawn fertilizer if mixed in with seeds on the ground. Birds won’t try to eat lawn fertilizer specifically, and they may even avoid it if they can. However, when fertilizer and grass seed become mixed, birds will often eat both without realizing it.