are bird videos good for cats

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Giving your cats this kind of entertainment is acceptable.

In fact, I’ve seen a few vet offices in my neighborhood have this as a permanent fixture, with an elevated shelf for the pet carrier and a screen in front that plays clips of mice and birds.

Since every cat is different in their reactions, you may need to keep an eye on them for a while. g. to shield contemporary LCD screens from harm in the event that the cat tries to scratch the As others have pointed out in the comments, you might want to consider looking into aftermarket screen protectors to stop this kind of damage when you’re not there to stop it.

To avoid potential hazards, additional precautions could be to ensure that the display is securely fastened to the wall or has a stand that can withstand the cat jumping on top of the screen without toppling over.

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Bring some excitement into your pet’s life with these videos for cats including the all-time favourite mice, birds and squirrels. Don’t be surprised if your cat can’t help but press the subscribe button.

Your cat is undoubtedly happy to have found a cozy and safe haven in your house. Fortunately, there is not much danger lurking around the corner of the living room and there is an abundance of food and warmth. However, there is a drawback to your cat’s blissful secluded life: there isn’t nearly as much exciting stuff for them to meow about.

Fortunately, a few carefully chosen cat videos can help you replicate the excitement of being outside without ever getting off the couch. All you need is an internet-connected device and a screen protector to prevent scratches in the event that your cat gets overly excited.

We’ve put together a cat filmography that will have whiskers glued to the screen for hours, featuring everything from silly interactive games to mice, squirrels, and birds just going about their business in the great outdoors.

But first, you might be curious about what cats think of the digital world that’s right in front of them before we get into the entertaining world of cat videos of birds and other animals.

Mouse videos for cats

The mouse, the archenemy of cats, is evidently a popular topic for videos, as evidenced by the remarkable number of cat views the following videos have received. For cats with shorter attention spans, there are four-minute videos and hour-long mice extravaganzas.


Is it good for cats to bird watch?

An excellent way to provide enrichment is through bird watching. Attracting avian friends to your home allows your cat to watch (but not kill) birds and will keep your pet occupied, all while keeping them within the confines of your home.

Is it OK for cats to watch cat videos?

Cat TV can alleviate boredom for some cats, and some cat owners will play a cat TV video while they’re away so that their cats have something to do during their home alone time. Cat TV isn’t harmful to a cat’s eyes, so if your cat seems intrigued by these types of videos, there’s no harm in playing them.

Is watching cat videos good for your health?

A new medical study is suggesting that watching cat videos can help you live a healthier, longer life. Strong immune system, better cardio health and a defense against common allergies are just some of the health benefits.