are bird scooters still around

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Among the other measures taken in the crackdown were the installation of geofencing, which stopped scooters from operating on public sidewalks and along the boardwalks in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach; 8,000 fewer devices were allowed to operate in the city; and riders were limited to 3 mph when riding on public sidewalks and at the Embarcadero. Thats about the same speed a person walks quickly.

The fact that Bird is leaving doesn’t surprise Bond, who added, “I know they were losing a lot of money.” “I guess there’s a group of guys that are going around the area and snagging them up and taking them across the border,” Bird said, pointing to a map that showed an enormous amount of Bird scooters in the Tijuana area. “.

Micro-mobility options, according to Alyssa Muto, director of the city of San Diego’s Sustainability and Mobility Department, are crucial to the city’s ability to meet its municipal climate action goals. She was unable to comment for this article on Wednesday because she was attending a meeting on active transportation and infrastructure where the subject of e-scooters was being discussed. However, she did send a statement that includes the following:

Though there are many corrals in the city to park e-bikes and their two-wheeled cousins, literally hundreds of them, there are many theories as to why the scooters in San Diego perished. One suspect in particular is the city’s restrictions that were put in place in July of last year, when four different companies were allowed to operate the scooters throughout the city.

Large scooters left on sidewalks that obstructed the path of occasionally disabled travelers, riders without helmets who suffered catastrophic injuries, and cars that rode too fast on busy walkways were among the grievances voiced by the critics. However, proponents noted that each scooter ride meant one fewer car on the road and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

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The developer, Bird Rides, Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.


Did Bird scooters go out of business?

Electric scooter maker Bird Global filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday, a remarkable descent for a company once valued at $2.5 billion.

Why did Bird scooter fail?

The scooter rideshare company, which was once a high-flying transportation startup, has filed for bankruptcy. In its paperwork, the company blamed huge losses—$235 million and $471 million in 2021 and 2022, respectively—plus a post-covid slump in ridership, and more than 100 personal injury lawsuits.

What is the downfall of the Bird scooter?

Initially valued at $2.5 billion, Bird’s stock began to free fall soon after going public in 2021 with no sign of recovering, which ultimately led to the company being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange in September 2023.

Does Denver have Bird scooters?

Bird’s scooters are now available in Downtown Denver, Curtis Park, Five Points, LoDo, and Villa Park. They have plans to expand to all of Denver as ridership grows, but that prospect faces a big hurdle.