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Where can I park Bird and Lime scooters?

Because the scooters are dockless, you don’t have to park them somewhere or return to where you started your ride. Scooters can be left at the rider’s destination, but exercise caution—careless parking can cost the scooter company $25.

The owner of an illegally parked scooter will be charged $100 plus an additional $10 per day for storage if the scooter is removed by the city.

More than 400 Bird scooters that had been abandoned in public rights of way in Nashville were seized by the city. Citizens complained about the scooters blocking doorways and sidewalk ramps.

To remedy these concerns, Bird created a “Save our Sidewalks” pledge in an effort to combat the clustering of scooters on walkways. It has three parts: promising daily pickup of scooters, vowing to not increase the number of scooters in a city unless each vehicle is used an average of three times each day, and donating $1 per vehicle per day to be given to city governments for use toward new bike lanes and other transit infrastructure needs.

Among other rules outlined by the city’s new regulations, the scooters must be parked upright and cannot obstruct doorways, ramps, or sidewalks.

Bird’s Safe Start comes after a number of other recent safety-related initiatives, such as our Ride Better campaign, the Safety School video series, and the skid detection feature, which enables our team to proactively identify and address worn tires and risky or unsafe riding behavior.

It is advised that people who might be intoxicated select a different mode of transportation, like a taxi or ride-hailing service.

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That’s the rationale behind Bird’s newest in-app checkpoint, Safe Start, which aims to deter users from driving while intoxicated. Riders attempting to unlock a Bird between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.* local time will now be required to confirm that they can operate the vehicle safely by accurately entering a keyword into the app.

Rebecca Hahn, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Bird, stated, “Late night, scooters and other micro-electric vehicles provide a valuable mobility resource for third-shift workers, bar and restaurant staff, and many others.” “Safe Start encourages responsible riding and maintains scooter availability for those who truly need them, with the goal of keeping them and all community members safe on the streets.” ”.

How much does it cost to use Bird and Lime scooters?

Depending on the city and demand, Bird and Lime scooter rides can be expensive.

In Indianapolis, using a Bird scooter costs $1 plus 29 cents per minute. According to a Bird representative, the cost varies by city and ranges from 10 to 33 cents per minute. Bird charged 15 cents per minute at first, but in March it increased its prices.

In Indianapolis, a Lime scooter ride costs $1 plus 27 cents per minute. Lime first charged 15 cents per minute, just like Bird, but in March it increased its prices.

Bird and Lime have both introduced affordability measures aimed at making the transportation method available to low-income people. LimeAccess works with local businesses to make using the service easier.


Do Bird scooters shut off at night?

Bird doesn’t have set operating hours, the availability of scooters during nighttime is severely reduced because the scooters need to be recharged every night. Nevertheless, if a user finds a scooter outside during the nighttime, they can still unlock it. Bird operates every day of the week.

What time do Bird scooters turn off Atlanta?

There is currently a Nighttime Riding Restriction in effect for rented scooters and e-bikes. No devices can be rented from 9:00PM-4:00AM.

Can I leave my Bird scooter anywhere?

Because Bird scooters are dockless, they can be left just about anywhere, including sidewalks and private property. The problem is that riders abandoning Bird scooters wherever they please creates safety concerns for pedestrians and motorists alike, depending on where the scooters are left.

How much time is $5 on a Bird scooter?

In addition to Community Pricing, in several cities we also offer Bird Access, an option for low-income riders only that offers three or five 30-minute rides per day for only $5 a month (depending on your city) who are enrolled or eligible for a government assistance program.