are bird feeders illegal in florida

Feeding any bird that is on Florida’s endangered or threatened list is illegal unless a resident has a special permit to do so. Birds that humans cannot feed include the ivory-billed woodpecker, Florida scrub jay, brown pelican, and grasshopper sparrow.

In the state of Florida, feeding sandhill cranes is prohibited. Additionally, according to Florida Wildlife Magazine, it is against the law to leave trash in a way that could draw these birds. This is due to the fact that sandhill cranes may cause problems for residents of residential areas since they will start to rely more on people than on foraging for food.

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Concerns about protecting birds and other wildlife for future generations exist in Florida. Therefore, in order to safeguard endangered species by reducing their reliance on humans for survival, bird feeding is strictly regulated.

Bird feeders may contribute to the spread of illness among various bird species. For this reason, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission advises using a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water to scrub all bird feeders twice a month. Residents must cease feeding until bears or sandhill cranes stop visiting the feeders if they start to attract these animals.

Example Bylaw #1 (Belvedere HOA)

Property owners are advised that feeding wildlife is strictly prohibited in the Belvedere community due to the Wildlife Management Policy. Feeding wildlife during the aggressive season puts animals in danger, especially deer, and puts people in dangerous situations.

This crucial safety policy will be strictly enforced by the Belvedere HOA management company, and any infractions will result in fines and penalties. Any wildlife management policy violation shall result in a $200. 00 per day fine for the offending party. Any improvements that provide food for wildlife that are discovered on any homesite or HOA Nature Preserve land must be removed by the community management company.

Example Bylaw #2 (Big Canoe POA)

It is strictly forbidden to intentionally or inadvertently feed any wildlife, including but not limited to deer, bears, feral cats, and migratory waterfowl. This includes setting up feeder stations, dispersing feed, or creating other easily accessible food sources, such as salt licks, that would draw in these kinds of wildlife.

If there is proof of animal disturbance or damage, such as from bears or raccoons, bird feeders have to be taken down. Occasionally, the POA may order the removal of a single feeder or all feeders due to possible signs of animal activity.


Is feeding birds illegal in Florida?

Never Feed Wildlife In some cases, feeding wildlife is illegal in Florida. Species with rules related to feeding include bears, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, pelicans, alligators, crocodiles, sandhill cranes, and wild monkeys.

Is it OK to have bird feeders?

Providing feeders means taking on a responsibility, as in addition to food they can present a whole host of risks, including the spread of viruses and parasites, a greater chance of window strikes, and increased vulnerability to cats and raptors.

How do you feed birds in Florida?

Select a tube, nectar, fruit, or hopper feeder, depending on the type of birds you’re interested in seeing. The food you choose will also determine which birds visit. To attract orioles, thrashers, and bluebirds, put out fruit. Cardinals, titmice and chickadees prefer sunflower seeds and safflower seeds.

Can I feed crows in Florida?