are apples good for birds

In this short ‘How To’ guide I’ll show you six different ways to hang apples in your garden for garden birds.

Feeding Birds Fruit in Your Yard

Providing your yard’s birds with natural and additional fruit sources is a simple task. Fruit trees, berry bushes, and native vines can be planted to guarantee a consistent fruit supply year after year. Make sure you select fruit varieties that ripen at different times of year to provide your birds with a consistent source of food. Reduce the amount of chemicals that are applied to the plants, such as pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. If you wish to harvest fruit for yourself, shield certain bushes or branches from birds’ attention well in advance of the fruit’s ripening, but after the fruit ripens, leave old and windfall fruits accessible for birds to consume.

A feeding platform or tray can be adorned with a few apple chunks, a half-orange, or some raisins to add fruit to bird feeding stations. Moreover, you can make a beautiful string feeder with berries, wedges, and chunks of fruit, or you can stuff a suet cage with large fruit chunks. Before being given to birds, small dried fruits like cranberries, raisins, or currants should be soaked or moistened. Never give fruits with chocolate or candy coatings, seasonings, or spices; these items don’t attract birds and may even be poisonous or unhealthy in other ways. You can even throw out fruit rinds that still have juicy bits attached to the skin so that birds can nibble on them.

Another method of feeding fruit to birds is with jelly, but use caution when doing so. Birds do enjoy fresh fruit jellies or even just crushed up fruit, but brands of jelly that have a lot of added sugar, preservatives, or other chemicals are not as good for birds and should only be sold in small amounts. Never give sugar-free jelly to birds because they lack the nutritional value needed to provide them with enough energy.

Orioles are songbirds that are attracted to fruit and jelly.

Option 1 – Wire coat hanger

Straighten a wire coat hanger. After shaping it into a T, skewer the apples with it. Hook the end to hang.

Option 4 – A large screw and string

Tie a loop of string to a large screw. Twist the screw through the apple and hang.


Are apples safe for birds?

Apples are a safe and healthy addition to your birds’ diet, so feel free to include a few pieces in your bird’s chop bowl! You only have to avoid feeding the seeds, and wash the skin thoroughly if you intend to feed them apples with skin.

Do Blue Jays eat apples?

Fruits and jelly American robins, gray catbirds, blue jays, and northern cardinals are readily attracted to apple halves. Place the halves on nails that are driven into a perch, such as a tree stump or the lop of a log, near the ground.