are ants attracted to bird seed

How do I Stop Ants?

One of the animals that is most prevalent on the earth is the ant. It is likely that ants will be near your home and bird feeders wherever you live. This is not a bad thing. Many of the plants that we enjoy and find useful were pollinated and planted by ants. For instance, did you know that only ants plant trillium seeds? Keep this in mind the next time you see some stunning trillium flowers in the springtime—after all, ants planted all those bulbs! Even though they give us a lot of beautiful things to enjoy in our backyards, it can be bothersome when they become fond of our bird feeders. Ants generally prefer sticky, sweet bird food, like fruit, BirdBerry Jelly (for orioles), and nectar (for hummingbirds, orioles, and butterflies). They occasionally might eat suet and be a little more adventurous, but usually the flavors are ones that have fruit in them. The ant’s greatest advantage may be their sheer quantity, but their biggest disadvantage is water.

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Pests and Bird Feeders

Setting up bird feeders can be a relaxing experience that brings nature closer to your doorstep. With 73% of Americans engaging in this hobby, it is a common pastime in North America. Birds probably won’t be the only wildlife taking part in this activity. Many pest animals take advantage of this food source. Here is a list of the most common offenders and what you can do to reduce the chances of them ruining your view or worse.


Can bird seed cause ants?

Since these animals are hoarders, the stored seed can result in more pest issues inside the house, such as ants, beetles, and other insects.

How do I keep ants out of my bird seed feeder?

Use Ant Moats: Yes, it’s that simple. You can also purchase a separate ant moat that easily attaches to most feeders. We even carry an ant moat that fits onto our Advanced Pole System® (APS) so that ants cannot travel up your pole system to access your feeders.

Do seeds attract ants?

To entice the ants, seeds of spring ephemerals bear external fat-rich attachments called elaiosomes, which woodland ants love. The ants carry the seeds back to their nests and feed the elaiosomes to their larvae.

Does bird seed attract bugs?

Those who store large quantities of birdseed in their homes or garages can find themselves infested with stored food insects, particularly food moths and certain beetles (see Can Food Moths Come From Bird Seed?). These insects may initially infest the birdseed but can move into other stored foods in your home kitchen.