are angry birds games coming back

Game releases[]

  • September 13–14: Rovio and Mighty Mojo worked together to replicate the majority of the iconic Angry Birds plush toy line.
  • September: Rovio and Venum worked together to create kid-friendly boxing equipment.
  • September: Rovio and Capsule worked together to create longboard and skateboard decks for teens and adults.
  • November: ION8 and Rovio worked together to create metal and plastic thermoses for kids.
  • December – PowerLocus and Rovio collaborated to produce child headphones.

Rovio announcements[]

  • Ignacio Amaya, Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Rovios, talks about how machine learning will collect data and use it to determine which games should be made and released. [1] (similar to Warner Bros’ AI system from 2020).

Greetings, fans! Some of the most popular, downloaded, and well-known games ever made are the classic Angry Birds titles. We know. We are incredibly happy that they have meant so much to you, and we are so proud to have made them.

However, we removed them from circulation and said nothing, which disappointed you. Not cool. We wanted to concentrate on creating new, even better games to provide our players with the best experience possible moving forward, so we assure you that our hearts were in the right places.

We never take for granted the time that our players spend with us, and we are grateful to all of our incredible fans and players who have been playing our games for the past 17 years.

The problem is that too many of our older games were created using antiquated game engines and design, and were created on hardware that was developed decades ago, making it impossible to maintain the highest standards of updates and live operations. The state of mobile gaming and technology today made it unfeasible to continue supporting them. Additionally, since games must adhere to a variety of platform requirements, we cannot simply leave them there without updating them. The game industry advances so quickly that 10 years in game years are equivalent to 100 years in human years.

What we want to say, though, is: We hear you. Many fans are calling for the return of some of the classic games (Angry Birds Classic, Angry Birds Seasons, etc.). Additionally, we would like to state that we are actively working to find a means to provide you with these timeless experiences. We have something planned, but it may take some time—stay tuned for updates!


Is Angry Birds 3 happening?

Angry Birds 3 (Also known as The Angry Birds Movie 3 in most promotional material), is an upcoming American/Finish computer-animated Action/Adventure film, created by Sony Pictures Animation, based on the popular Videogame Franchise created by the Finish company, Rovio Entertainment.

Why did Angry Birds end?

According to the original statement, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds was removed because of its negative impact on Rovio’s games portfolio. Unlike its sequels, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds was a paid download with no in-app purchases.

Why did Angry Birds Go get deleted?

While Rovio initially said that this was for testing purposes, they said on their support page that they wanted to stop production on the game, along with many other Angry Birds games released before Angry Birds Transformers, to focus on the newer titles.