are all bird shoes waterproof

I’ve been wearing my Allbirds Runners off and on since 2018 (read my Allbirds review)—and since that time this start-up shoe brand has exploded in popularity. I guess it’s not surprising since they’ve been dubbed “the world’s most comfortable shoes.”

Well, in late 2019, Allbirds introduced their Mizzle line of water-resistant Runners (low-top) and Runner-Ups (high-top) shoes to give folks an option for wet/winter days.

I don’t think Allbirds expected these to be such a big hit because they seem to sell out as soon as they’re restocked. So you might have to check back if you don’t see your size.

UPDATE: Allbirds now has their Wool Dasher Mizzles which are a mixture of their Dasher running shoes with the weather resistance benefits found in the Mizzles—I hope to try them out soon.

I started by dropping by Allbrid’s SoHo location in downtown Manhattan to pick up a pair to test them for myself.

I ended up buying the Runner-Ups as I like the look of the high-tops better than the low-top runners.

WEAR UPDATE 11/2/2022: I first got my Mizzles in late 2019 and it’s finally time to break them out again now that the weather is getting cooler and wetter. I wore my Mizzles again last week and I’m still really digging them. Super cozy and comfy.

My Allbirds Mizzle Review

are all bird shoes waterproof

“Sweatpants for your feet.”

That’s how I describe what it’s like wearing my Mizzle Runner-Ups. They’re seriously cozy. I find myself constantly reaching for them when I head out to get coffee or run errands around NYC during the cold months.

Additionally, I won’t have to worry about wearing these bad boys in the rain because they are water-resistant. Ok, they’re not completely 100% waterproof (i. e. (you shouldn’t walk in large puddles), but they work well for daily urban wear and travel.

are all bird shoes waterproof

Additionally, I like how Allbirds uses sustainable materials and has moved to a carbon-neutral, zero-carbon environment in 2019—a beautiful bonus.

Additionally, Allbirds offers a 30-day return policy, allowing you to try them out for a month and send them back if necessary.

Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles Cons

My feet stay dry when wearing the Mizzles in light rain, but when I wear them in heavy rain for extended periods of time or once for fifteen minutes in a deluge, water seeps through the shoes, mostly around the toes.

While they are undoubtedly more water resistant than the original Wool Runners, Gore-tex hiking shoes (which I don’t find as comfortable) are your best bet if you want completely waterproof shoes.

My original Wool Runners, Tree Dashers, and Tree Breezer flats were all very comfortable right away, but the Mizzles are the only Allbirds shoes I’ve had to break in.

Soon after I first purchased my Mizzles, I went on an hour-long hike without socks, assuming the same of them. Even with socks, they ended up rubbing the back of my heel and caused discomfort for a while.

This is because the Mizzles don’t conform to your feet as much as other styles do because they are stiffer.

They felt much more at ease after about a month, and after several months, they felt fantastic. I’ve worn them on many long hikes without problems.

Although I still prefer them with socks, I can wear them without socks now.

Customer reviews vary, with some claiming no break-in period and others requiring a little more time:

are all bird shoes waterproof

Riding my Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles while riding the Gibbston Valley Trail

At 280g/9, the Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzle is the heaviest shoe I own from Allbirds. 9oz per shoe vs 199g/7oz for my Wool Runners.

The thicker, more traction-enhancing sole and the more structured, supportive upper are the causes of the additional weight.

The Mizzles don’t seem like heavy shoes, and I never feel like my feet are burdened by them. It should be taken into account more if you are contrasting them with other Allbirds styles.

The Mizzles don’t have as many color options as other Allbirds shoes, especially outside of the US store.

Dark gray, light grey, true black (with a black sole), and natural black are the classic colors.

I chose Ironbark, a light greenish-grey color from the limited edition shoe line, which has a light grey sole. I really like it.

Take note of how different the colors appear in the different Allbirds fabrics. The Ironbark Tree Runners that Simon owned are considerably darker in color.

Currently offered limited edition Mizzle colors are Terra (orangey brown), Hazy Beige, and Calm Cargo (green).

are all bird shoes waterproof

Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles Details

Sizes: US 8–14 for men and US 5–11 for women (no half sizes). Eight colors are available in the US (other countries have fewer options). Weight: 280g (9. 9oz) per shoe (women’s US 8). Cost: US $125 (varies by country), free shipping, and 30-day returns Purchase from: Allbirds website in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, among other countries. Also now available on REI.

Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles come in whole sizes only. I ordered a US8, which is also my size for the traditional Wool Runners and Tree Dashers, and I found them to be true to size.

Since all of Allbirds’ shoes are medium width, the company advises sizing up if you are a half size, especially if your feet are wider.

Allbirds has a generous returns policy that makes it simple to return items if you’re unsure of the size (see below).


Can I wear my Allbirds in the rain?

Yes—but not every Allbirds style is made for rain, so choose carefully!

Are Allbirds shoes really waterproof?

Pro tip: It is safe for Allbirds to get wet — after all, they’re machine washable! — but they’re not waterproof, so don’t wear them in rainy weather. They won’t get damaged, but your feet will get wet and the shoes will take a while to dry. The exception is the brand’s Mizzles, which have a water-repellent finish.

Can Allbirds sneakers be washed?

Cleaning your Allbirds is a cinch and they won’t lose anything in performance or shape after being washed. To clean your Allbirds, remove the insoles and laces and brush off excess dirt with a towel or soft brush. Throw the shoes in the washing machine on the wool/delicates cycle (cold water).

Can you wear Allbirds in hot weather?

Plus, eucalyptus fiber is thin and lightweight, which makes the fabric construction less dense and more breathable. All that to say, we’ve found a very special material, and using it results in shoes that are not only comfortable and soft, but also offer excellent breathability—making them ideal for warm weather.