will permethrin kill bird mites

If you have a quick Google about bird mites you will mostly find people completely freaking out, and being completely overwhelmed by them.  We read of some people still struggling with them after 12 months.  And one guy had gotten rid of them… by throwing out everything he owned including his mobile phone!

As a family of six, it took us roughly two weeks of incredibly hard work to eradicate the mite infestation. And even though I’m by no means an authority on mites—technically, bird lice are mites—I felt it was worthwhile to share what we did.

To begin with, there are various kinds of lice and mites. It is advantageous if you can identify them. However, if you gather samples and find nothing, don’t give up. Some of them appear to only be visible after they have eaten because they are so incredibly small. If you don’t have very good vision, you’ll need a magnifying glass. You do, therefore, begin to become suspicious, and upon gathering our samples, we discovered that we were also gathering dust, fluff, and other inanimate objects. However, we were also fortunate enough to establish that we had an infestation of mites, most likely bird mites.

It was difficult in our instance because we were unable to verify the source. The likelihood is that the sand that was delivered for our sandpit may have lured them in, giving them the opportunity to attack the kids inside. But we dont know for sure.

Our symptoms included an itchy, biting feeling that would occasionally be followed by a tiny, tiny speck if we looked very closely in that area. We could remove it physically if we pressed hard and moistened our finger. Additionally, we would experience the same itchy sensation here and there when we would lie down at night. They like to feed at night when you lay down. They were everywhere in our family—in our beds, on our skin, in our hair, and on our cloth furniture. We assumed our other furniture and carpets were there too because we weren’t sure about them.

Remember that some mites are burrowing mites, which explains why they behave differently. Youll need to investigate the type of mite you have.

  • Every day, we established a routine of isolating people and objects because it nearly drove me insane to clean a child and then have them lay on a bed or embrace another child who hadn’t been cleaned yet. If you have a large family, you will need labor because quarantining is a lot of work, especially after having a baby.
  • We used head lice combs to comb through our hair and manually removed all the tiny specks. We experimented with different combing methods, using coconut oil or conditioner at times. Sometimes we drenched our hair in apple cider vinegar first. Furthermore, we discovered that combing dry hair was the most efficient way to detect bird mites after we had done a lot of combing and discovered that our hair was very easy to comb. Depending on what we were finding, we would often comb each person’s hair four or more times a day.
  • We used tea tree and eucalyptus oils along with lavender Castille soap to wash our bodies.
  • We discovered that the most effective approach was to physically remove the skin. We completely doused ourselves in a homemade blend of coconut oil to which we had added a significant amount of essential oils, including neem, tea tree, eucalyptus, citronella, and rosemary. The mites did appear to be killed by this mixture, or at least it slowed them down enough for us to remove them. And the coconut oil meant they couldnt stick to us. However, we still need to use paper towels to wipe them off. To prevent any new mites from sticking to us, we applied coconut oil to our bodies until we had been free of them for more than a week.
  • In actuality, washing and combing six kids and myself took three to four hours twice a day.
  • We tried some chemicals (e. g. Lyclear). Trying chemical solutions after 20 years without chemicals seemed depressing to me. However, we were having a lot of trouble at the time, so I decided we should try. Regretfully, the chemical creams proved ineffective in our circumstances, and I felt guilty for subjecting the kids to unnecessary risk.
  • Every day, we cleaned the sheets and used a hot dryer to dry them. We steamed ironed the mattresses, pillows and cloth furniture daily. Every day, we gave the floors and carpets a steam mop and steam vacuum. You can see by now that this is a very demanding task!
  • We did have Amalgamated Pest Control come. And they also used chemicals in the house and yard. We wouldn’t have been able to get rid of the mites without chemicals, which demoralized me as well because I usually avoid them. They treated the roof with Permethrin and the house and yard with Bifenthrin. They have a great deal of experience helping people who have horrible infestations, so they were really supportive during the trauma we were going through.
  • After these chemicals were exposed to us, we underwent a chemical detox. We increased and maintained our oil pulling regimen, took charcoal tablets (you can also use powder or capsules), drank bentonite clay every morning, took highly concentrated Epsom salt baths, and used bentonite clay or zeolite in the bath. In order to assist our liver after consuming so many chemicals and essential oils, we also took St. Mary’s Thistle. We took it for about 10 days.
  • Our pest control guy concurred that we needed some non-chemical solutions because we had already been exposed to enough chemicals. He recommended that we cover all mattresses, plush furnishings, and items that were difficult to wash with thick black plastic or sacks, shut them, and expose them to the intense sun. We brought them inside every day, but we left them out in the sun for three hot days in total (you could probably do less, but we wanted to be safe). We stayed at the caravan park for a few nights while things were finalized. It seems that this method even destroys eggs! We returned home each day to keep sterilising and cleaning. We were able to break the cycle of reinfestation by doing this and abstaining while we cleaned ourselves, which was crucial to our breakthrough.
  • Every day, we sprayed tea tree or eucalyptus spray on plain wooden furniture. We also concocted our own concoction of neem oil, eucalyptus, and tea tree in our apple cider vinegar.
  • We frequently cleansed our skin with yoghurt and diluted apple cider vinegar to help replenish the skin’s acid mantle once we were rid of the mite infestation. We still used coconut oil regularly to prevent reinfestation.
  • To avoid head lice or any kind of mite infestation, we continue to use Shady Grove Head Lice Prevention Spray, Head Lice Shampoo, and Head Lice Conditioner on a regular basis.
  • To treat animal pens we sprinkled diatomaceous earth and lime. Since our infestation was so difficult to treat and we needed to rule out all potential sources, the pest control company in our case also sprayed the cages housing the chickens and guinea pigs. We refrained from consuming the chicken eggs for approximately thirty days following the occurrence of intense rainfall. Wood ash is suggested by a friend of mine for chicken mites and lice.
  • My spouse and I used Dr. to deal with the extreme stress Veras 5-HTP and Ultratheanine natural serotonin boosters. These are practitioner only supplements. Please get in touch with me if you would like more details about where to find these.
  • Our general practitioner clarified that while mites can be confusing, different people react differently to them. Some people experience itching even in the presence of a dead mite. Some people may be unaware that they have live mites on them. Even if none of the occupants of the house experience the itching, they still need to be treated to prevent cross-contamination.

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Don’t be disheartened if you find yourself itchy even after they are gone, or itchy even in places you don’t have them.

Having to deal with mites is such a stressful experience that it literally makes you feel like you’re going crazy and makes you suspicious of small particles and invisible objects. Furthermore, you probably won’t stop itching for a while after they leave. It will take you a little while to recover emotionally. We discovered that the homeopathic remedies Arsenicum Album 200 (for itching that prevents you from falling asleep) and Ant Crud 6 (for itchy sensation) are incredibly beneficial. A homeopath could assist you in determining the ideal treatment for your circumstances.


Will pyrethrin kill bird mites?

To reduce bird mites that may migrate indoors, spray an insecticide effective against mites. Sprays and aerosols containing the active ingredient pyrethrum (or pyrethrins) kill mites immediately on contact, though the treatment will remain effective for at most a few days.

How do you get rid of bird mites permanently?

Our top recommendations for Bird Mite control is an application of Sterifab indoors and Supreme IT outdoors. Vacuuming and sanitizing your home is also essential for complete control.

What chemicals kill bird mites?

Getting Rid of Bird Mites To prevent an infestation altogether, experts recommend that you: Remove any empty nests or dead birds and get rid of them. Spray your home with effective insecticides like permethrin, ß-cyfluthrin, or deltamethrin.

Does Dawn kill bird mites?

Dawn Dishwashing Soap: The surfactants in Dawn are effective at breaking down the mite’s exoskeleton. Mites cannot build up an immunity to this type of treatment, as with pesticides. Dilute the soap with water and use it in a spray bottle to easily spray on surfaces.