why was angry birds fight discontinued

Dr. Pig’s Lab

A recent update brought Dr. Pigs Lab. You can access it from any island using the slingshot. There is a total of 32 levels. Each level contains pigs, but they are not in ships. They have the ability to sabotage you, and doing so lowers your opponents’ stats according to the bird (Red and the Blues lose health, Chuck and Matilda lose attack, and Stella and Bomb lose defense). Every instance of sabotage is dropped in 2010 to the maximum amount of 2050 percent for sabotage. There is a 30-second time limit against these pigs. Different special skills are available for each level, such as “Red is in angry mode!” and “2 wooden treasure chest(s).” There may be limitations on some levels, such as “Bomb cannot be used!” Additionally, there are treasure chests hidden throughout the lab that you can open to obtain goods. In a tank at the end of each level is a minion pig. Tapping on it reveals that the pig is being used as a test subject and that he might join you if you release him. As things stand, the pig cannot be saved before new floors are installed. Additionally, they are adding new slot items to the Premium Slot that will enable us to meet every pig in the lab. Each bird has rivals of its own, as indicated by the items skill, and these rivals are categorized as indicated in the table below.

Eleven islands can be found in the game: Moby Dick (9 areas), Haunted Island (7 areas), Flower Island (7 areas), Western Island (8 areas), Snow Island (9 areas), Desert Island (10 areas), Circus Island (8 areas), Tropical Island (5 areas), Zipangu (6 areas), Sweet Island (5 areas), and Tiny Island (1 area). Future additions of new islands are still planned, though Each area has different missions, different bosses and challenge levels. Play a challenge level to earn stars based on your performance, finish an area to go to another, and finish all areas on an island to enter another island.

Playable characters

  • Red – Traps random opponents panels in wooden boxes.
  • The Blues: They paint random opponent panels.
  • Chuck – Creates a horizontal line, stopping opponents from matching.
  • Bomb: He detonates, enveloping the opponent’s panel board in ash.
  • Matilda – Creates a vertical line, stopping opponents from matching.
  • Stella: Blower of bubbles, covering the opponent’s board in bubbles

Events edit

A Monster Pig will be released from Dr. Pigs laboratory, terrorizing the seas. Subsequently, the player can engage in combat with the Monster Pigs using a specially designed vessel, exchanging limited-edition items for points[b] while also facing off against players worldwide.