why do humming birds fight

How to Stop Territorial Behavior

When dealing with aggressive hummingbirds, it was customary to keep feeders apart from one another. But if you put feeders in different spots, you might be inviting more bullies to stake out their territory. The true solution to hummingbird harmony is to increase your collection of hummingbird feeders and arrange them in groups throughout your yard.

By expanding the number of feeding zones, a dominant hummingbird is unable to defend a specific feeder because some of them will be hidden from view. Furthermore, the sounds that hummingbirds make during mating and feeding will draw more of the birds to your yard and eventually your feeders.

Bob Sargent, a seasoned hummingbird bander and one of Alabama’s leading bird experts, advises you to start stocking more hummingbird feeders around July 4. At this time, nesting is coming to an end and a large number of first southbound migrants are starting to arrive.

Finding their favorite hiding place is also a good idea if you have a hummingbird that is a frequent bully. Bully hummingbirds typically mark out a location that gives them a good view of their domain so they can easily defend it. Consider getting rid of the perch or trimming the branch they usually use. This will lessen the likelihood that they will chase away other hummingbirds that come to eat.

Remember that having numerous feeders means you need to clean them more often in order to prevent disease and nectar from spoiling. Additionally, Sargent says that you don’t have to fill the feeders all the way up until you notice that they are empty. The fact that the feeders are empty indicates that there are more hummers feeding in your yard.

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Fighting Hummingbirds Show Aggressive Behavior

why do humming birds fight

why do humming birds fight

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why do humming birds fight

why do humming birds fight


Why do hummingbirds bomb each other?

Summary: Male Broad-tailed Hummingbirds perform dramatic aerial courtship dives to impress females.

What is the most aggressive hummingbird?

“For their body size, hands down, the most aggressive bird is the rufous hummingbird.” They’re more aggressive than blue jays and crows, she said. We rarely get the rufous in the Washington area, but we do get its cousin, the ruby-throated hummingbird.