why birds flew next to plane

Jason heard heavy knocks on the plane’s glass all of a sudden. He was clueless as to what was happening. He was anxiously searching about, and when the cabin staff informed him, his co-pilot gasped. When Jason learned that a massive flock of birds was pursuing and attacking the jet, he was very perplexed. They just kept coming.

A photo of hundreds of birds appearing to fly near a British Airways airplane was virally shared with an inspiring story. Snopes looked for answers.

why birds flew next to plane

Reader mail requesting information about a story claiming a pilot became upset when he realized why a flock of birds was flying next to his aircraft was received by Snopes in March 2024. The articles headline from the happiness-life. org website, which a reader shared, stated, “The pilot’s emotional response upon learning the reason behind the birds flying beside the aircraft “.

The story featured a striking photo of hundreds of birds appearing to surround a British Airways flight. Such photos might lead some readers to think of bird strikes — a common aviation incident in which airplanes and birds come into contact with each other. About 90% of bird strikes take place at or near airports, usually during takeoff or landing, according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

One of the most famous bird-strike incidents was US Airways Flight 1549 — the flight Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger landed safely in the Hudson River in 2009.

Snopes investigated and discovered the facts about the picture and the widely shared story.

The Birds Couldn’t Be Scared

why birds flew next to plane

Shaking the birds was Jason’s attempt. But he had to be careful because if they hit the engines, the entire aircraft might crash. The birds grew more antagonistic the more Jason jostled them. Jason was unaware of the cause, but things continued to get worse.

Birds swarm on the crew

why birds flew next to plane

This time, as the ships got closer, the birds swarmed around them. People rushed the crew members who had ventured outdoors. They were fortunate to be allowed inside right away. The birds were able to get closer because they were unable to reach the tugboats. Thankfully, Jason devised a solution.


Do birds fly near planes?

In fact, ever since the invention of the airplane, birds and planes have shared the skies in an uneasy coexistence. Although it seems like there’s no limit to the space in the skies, birds and airplanes still manage to get in each other’s way frequently.

Why are birds attracted to airports?

The main reasons for the presence of birds at airports are natural and human–made habitats that offer food, water and cover. Many airports are located along migrating routes used by birds (Khartoum Airport).

Why are birds always flying around?

Birds are ready to fly at any moment in order to escape from predators or to catch prey.