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Another variety of Conure Parrot is the Black-Capped Conure, which is sometimes confused with the Black Hooded Conure. Its name may sound similar to that of the Black Hooded Conure, but the magnificent grey scalloped feathers on their necks will quickly identify them apart. Most of them can be found in lowland forests in the eastern Andes Mountains or the Amazon basin.

Jenday Conures have wonderful, loving personalities. Like all Conures, they make wonderful pets—as long as you can put up with the occasional bit of noise. Since they aren’t often thought of as “as pretty” as Sun Conures, Jenday Conures are known to be just as sweet as Sun Conures, but typically at a slightly lower price. The Jenday Conure is a fantastic pet. They are incredibly lovable and will welcome any form of affection. They enjoy being scratched and enjoy having their feathers stroked. This Conure initiate frequently bends its head forward to accept a pet. Many will crawl inside their owners’ shirts because they have a strong need to be with them. Many will locate a comfortable spot there and peek through a sleeve or the opening in their neck. These Conures will happily remain tucked into your shirt until you take them off.

Every conure parrot is hand raised at our facility. With the large glass windows in our nursery, you can see the babies being fed all day long. After they wean, our babies go to the Bird Show Room, where our clients get to know the birds and eventually choose one to adopt.

Every bird is hand raised at our facility. Large windows in our nursery allow us to see the babies being fed all day long. After they wean, our babies go to the Bird Show Room, where our clients get to know the birds and eventually choose a particular one to adopt. I have assembled a very knowledgeable and customer service-oriented staff. Each of them is a bird owner as well. For us to match the ideal bird to its new owner, it is crucial that each customer knows what qualities they are looking for in a bird.

A Green Cheek Conure is intelligent and playful. It makes a beautiful pet. A green cheek Conure has a very gentle disposition and is simple to train to speak. Its voice is usually so tiny that only the owner can hear it. A Green Cheek Conure does not whistle. It generally repeats a few words and everyday household noises. It is possible to train a Green Cheek Conure to relieve itself in specific locations when it is not in its cage. The Green Cheek Conure is an excellent choice for an apartment bird because of its peaceful disposition. It is the quietest parrot relative, though some may be louder than others.

Live Birds for Sale in Tampa

We offer a large selection of live birds for sale, including exotic birds like parakeets, macaws, conures, cockatiels, cockatoos, and parrots. Please call or email us for price and availability.


Should I get 1 or 2 conures?

I never recommend getting a 2nd bird for the purpose of being a companion to the current pet bird. If you want a 2nd bird for yourself, this is fine, and maybe the two will get along. But if you get it just for your bird, and they don’t get along, you now have two jealous birds who both need attention.

Which is the friendliest conure?

Conures have less tendency than their larger parrot cousins to form a strong bond with just one person. If well-socialized, they often get along with multiple family members. Aratinga and Patagonians are the best conure choices for families with children because they tend to be the most affectionate and gentle.

What is the calmest conure?

Green cheeks are slightly more affectionate, calmer, and quieter in general than the other conures, but every bird is unique. All conure species tend to be very affectionate, as well as fiesty, brave, and often silly. They have big parrot personalities in a little parrot body.