where is the bird box house

Miles away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is a house that has quickly cemented its place in movie history.

Nestled beneath a large evergreen tree, the Craftsman-style home with a distinguished stone staircase on the corner of North Canyon Boulevard and East Greystone Avenue provided a refuge from an evil force in Netflix’s recent hit thriller “Bird Box.”

Now, the Monrovia home has become the latest tourist attraction in Los Angeles County. Fans of the movie, in which characters must avoid coming face-to-face with the ominous entity, have flocked to the house to take pictures of themselves covering their eyes or wearing blindfolds on the steps leading up to the property. Advertisement

The pilgr follows a long tradition of movie buffs’ visiting homes across L.A. that have had starring roles on the silver screen. Monrovia homes and commercial areas have been used for years in films such as “Legally Blonde,” “American Pie” and “Never Been Kissed.”

The owner of the seven-bedroom house, which was built in 1908 by architect Frank O. Eager, couldn’t be reached for comment Friday. However, she reportedly received $12,000 for exterior shots of the house that were featured in the movie.

When Diana Hernandez of Chino told her two teenage daughters they were going on an adventure Friday morning, she received groans. But that quickly changed as the family made their way down Canyon Boulevard.

Abby tried multiple poses in front of the house with one hand over her eyes and another reaching out as if to feel her way up the stairs. Eventually, she used a thick white headband she found in her mother’s car as a makeshift blindfold, capturing the ideal shot and replicating the premise of the movie.

“Just seeing the house, it almost makes you want to go in — even though you know the characters aren’t going to be there,” she said. “This was a good surprise.” Advertisement

Abby was the first in her family to see the film starring Sandra Bullock, which has amassed a significant global following since its Dec. 21 release.

Netflix announced this week that 45 million subscriber accounts across the world watched the thriller during its first seven days on the streaming service, a record debut for the company.

The film has gained such popularity that Netflix had to warn fans not to hurt themselves participating in the newly created “Bird Box Challenge.” The premise takes the core concept of the film — wearing a blindfold at all times — and applies it to daily activities.

Some fans arrived at the home in search of an expertly cultivated photo for their social media feeds. Others brought jokes along with their cameras. Advertisement

Northridge resident Jonathan Bugnosen used a trip to the house to take photos with his daughters as an opportunity to cultivate a cringe-worthy pun.

He chuckled as he pulled a green Celtics basketball jersey out of a black Nike shoe box. He slipped the jersey over his long-sleeved shirt and turned around to reveal the player’s last name on the back: Bird.

A man driving past the house paused at a stop sign in front of the home and rolled down his window, clearly baffled at the spectacle.

“He hasn’t seen it?” someone in the crowd retorted with a mixture of disbelief and amusement. Another fan quickly explained the house was featured in a film.

“This is more than a house from a movie,” Hernandez said. “It’s the ‘Bird Box’ house.”

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There’s a house, miles away from Hollywood’s flash and glamour, that has swiftly established itself as a landmark in film history.

The Sandra Bullock film, which has garnered a sizable international fan base since its Dec. release, was seen by Abby before anyone else in her family. 21 release.

The owner of the seven-bedroom house, which was built in 1908 by architect Frank O. Eager, couldn’t be reached for comment Friday. However, she reportedly received $12,000 for exterior shots of the house that were featured in the movie.

Diana Hernandez of Chino heard groans Friday morning when she told her two teenage daughters they were going on an adventure. But as the family drove along Canyon Boulevard, that soon changed.

The pilgr carries on a lengthy custom of movie enthusiasts touring residences throughout L A. that have had starring roles on the silver screen. For years, Monrovia residences and business districts have served as the backdrop for movies like “Legally Blonde,” “American Pie,” and “Never Been Kissed.” ”.

This famous home is located at 304 N. Canyon Blvd. The 113-year-old house was last sold in 1998 for roughly $625,000, according to Realtor. The property is 4,478 square feet in size, with five bedrooms and seven bedrooms, and it is situated on approximately half an acre of land. Two lanterns illuminate the grand and exquisite stone entrance, which leads to the magnificent home with a craftsman-style design.

Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock, has continued to be Netflixs most popular film since its release in 2018, Screen Rant notes. What has also been popular is the California home that was featured in the movie, Patch says. Since the movies release, fans have traveled from all across the country to gawk at the exterior of the home that Sandra Bullocks character used as a hideout from harm.

People still go to the Monrovia residence to remember all of their favorite moments. The homeowner received $12,000 in exchange for letting movie directors film scenes in the house, even though it isn’t vacant. As a result, in just one week, over 45 million people watched Bird Box and remembered the house as a fantastic hideout. The main character of this film battled to free her children and herself from a mysterious and evil entity, making it a breathtaking spectacle to watch. Were eager to see the stunning exterior that drew the attention of Hollywood producers.

Nonetheless, the single-family home has made the movie fans “go blind” in an attempt to recreate the films main takeaway. According to Patch, fans have gone to the home to execute the Bird Box challenge, which is done by blindfolding yourself and walking away from the house as you try not to get hurt. However, Netflix has begged fans to avoid this challenge as it can be very dangerous. YouTube has even removed videos of those executing the challenge, as it promotes a potentially harmful activity.


Where was the house in Bird Box?

And yet, not much of the movie was actually filmed in Sacramento let alone anywhere in Northern California. The house in which characters seek shelter is in Monrovia, and most of the other scenes (outside those in the forest) were shot in and around Los Angeles.

What city does Bird Box take place?

While some scenes were shot in Barcelona, Spain, most of the film was filmed in and around Los Angeles, California. Locations such as La Puente, Monrovia, Santa Clarita, Scripps College, and Smith River all became witnesses to the characters’ harrowing journey.

Where is the setting of the Bird Box?

The action of Bird Box takes place along two major timelines separated by about five years. Taking place in Michigan around 2010, the earlier timeline centers on one woman’s attempt to survive a catastrophic global event, called the Problem, that decimates much of the world’s population.

What river was Bird Box filmed on?

Principal photography began in California in October 2017. Wilderness scenes were shot on the Smith River in the far northern part of the state. The house exterior is from a place in Monrovia. Filming partially took place in Santa Cruz, and the final scene was shot at Scripps College in Claremont.