where has all the birds gone

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Published online in Science, Sept. 2019.

In Living Bird magazine

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NARRATOR: Birds are part of our lives. They inspire us with their beauty and fill the air with song. And make their homes in the most unexpected places. Sometimes they’re even our neighbors. But the birds we love, are vanishing. According to a startling new study, the number of North American birds has decreased by almost 90% since 1970. That’s almost three billion birds gone. disappeared in a matter of years from our backyards, grasslands, and forests. Familiar birds such as orioles, meadowlarks, swallows, and warblers have been severely affected. What’s driving this decline?.

The habitats that birds require to live, hunt, rest, and raise their young are disappearing. They also face numerous other dangers, such as poisonous pesticides, falling insect populations, and accidents involving roaming cats and glass. Climate change will exacerbate each of these issues and hasten the disappearance of habitats that are essential to birds. This dramatic decline in bird populations points to a larger ecological catastrophe that eventually impacts all of us. But it’s not too late…. Storyteller: Our efforts on behalf of birds have a beneficial impact on the planet as a whole. Strong habitat management and conservation efforts have led to the recovery of many waterfowl and previously endangered species. It’s time to step up these conservation initiatives so that the remaining birds can also recover. They can be reestablished as an essential component of the American environment and a priceless aspect of our lives with our assistance. We’re working together to improve bird protection and support, and you can contribute. Please, join us.

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where has all the birds gone

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Why are there no birds around at the moment?

The birds are simply following the natural seasons, food availability and their natural behaviour. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, birds can suffer real food shortages during the summer months at a time most vital to them- the breeding season.

Why are so many birds disappearing?

What’s driving this decline? NARRATOR: Birds are losing the habitats they need, places to live, find food, rest, and raise their young. They face many other threats as well—from free-roaming cats and collisions with glass, to toxic pesticides and insect declines.

Are birds vanishing from North America?

The number of birds in North America has declined by 3 billion in the last 50 years. That decline has hit some species of the animal harder than others with birds living in Canadian and American grassland habitats, experiencing the biggest drops in population.

Why are there no birds in the woods?

If you are used to seeing birds and all of a sudden there are no birds around, it probably means that some kind of predator is in the area. Either a hawk or perhaps a cat.