where can i buy exotic birds

For 39 years, Todd Marcus and his family have run our exotic bird store in Delran, NJ. We love birds, and our number one priority is always to make sure that our birds are healthy and that everyone who brings one of our birds home has the knowledge and supplies they need to ensure a long and happy life for their new feathered friend. Each and every one of our staff members at our bird shop in NJ is passionate about these gorgeous, magnificent creatures, and we can’t wait to share our love of birds with you!

Since its founding in 1984, OMARS EXOTIC BIRDS has been selling birds on suspended perches as opposed to in cages. The petting zoo setting is just one of the many things that have made OMARS well-known. Pet Product News, a national publication, named OMARS Retailer of the Year in 2002. The company has won multiple awards for its innovative retail concept and immaculate parrots.

OMARS specializes in exotic birds ranging from cockatiels to macaws. Every bird purchased is backed by a money-back health guarantee and free maintenance for the duration of the bird’s ownership. Playing with the birds while shopping encourages customers to have happy, well-adjusted pets.

A proper diet is essential for your bird’s health. Although in the past people would feed their birds only seed diets, we now understand that this is not a healthy diet for your bird because it is high in fat. You can get premium pellets and mixes at our exotic bird store in Delran, NJ, which are made to satisfy the particular dietary needs of birds of all sizes. We also provide our own specially made parrot food blends, which are a nutritious blend of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and pellets.

For your bird, you’ll need additional accessories in addition to food and toys. This includes any additional items, like perches, swings, and ladders, that you will require for your bird’s cage. Our pet bird store also has stands that allow your feathered companions to perch outside of their cage. In addition, we provide cleaning supplies, travel cages, leashes, and a lot more.

A wide range of toys is one of the most essential items you will need for your bird’s habitat. A good parrot toy will not only satiate their natural desire to chew, shred, and forage, but it will also help them develop their mental faculties! Our Delran, NJ, bird store carries toys in a variety of materials and sizes, ranging from tiny beads and bells for tiny parrotlets to large, sturdy wood blocks for massive macaws.

Our Delran, NJ bird store has everything you need to care for your feathered family members, whether you’ve had birds for years or are just bringing one home for the first time. Everything is available in our online bird supply store or at our actual bird shop located in New Jersey.

Todd Marcus and his family have operated our exotic bird store in Delran, NJ, for 39 years. We are passionate about birds, and our top priority is always to ensure their health and that the people who adopt one of our birds have the information and resources necessary to guarantee a long and happy life for their new feathered companion. Every single member of our staff at our NJ bird shop is incredibly passionate about these exquisite, amazing animals, and we can’t wait to share this love of birds with you!