where can i buy a bird

PetSmart also offers convenient shopping with curbside or in-store pickup. In most areas, we offer a selection of items that can be delivered the same day using DoorDash. PetSmart offers Autoship, which lets you order products automatically and have them delivered to your door as often as you’d like, if you buy certain things a lot. Check the website to see what items are eligible.

Looking to add a new feathered companion to your home? At PetSmart, we offer an extensive selection of pet birds for sale, such as concures, parakeets, finches, and more. Find the perfect companion for you. PetSmart offers the ideal pet bird for every individual, regardless of size preferences. We have the items you’re looking for in nearby local stores, and you can always look them over online before visiting a store. Check out our entire inventory of supplies, which includes cages, bowls and feeders, toys, perches, and décor, as well as our current selection of live birds. Everything you need to provide your pet bird with a loving home can be found at PetSmart.

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Visit our store to meet our available birds or to purchase supplies and feed for birds.

One of the oldest and largest Exotic Bird stores in South Florida.

We have one of the largest selections of birds available. Having Certified Avian Specialists on staff means that we aim to deliver top-notch service. We provide breeders, rescued, and rehabilitated birds, as well as babies of all ages. If it’s not here, we can find it. It could be a particular kind of bird, a cage, or supplies. Our goal is to fit the bird with the human. The bird and humans are always in our best interests. The most crucial aspect of being a responsible bird owner is being educated about the various breeds! Caring for a bird is a lifelong commitment that calls for love and attention. Brenda’s Birds is open seven days a week, year-round. Since the 1980s, we have maintained a presence in the market thanks to our reputation, selection, expertise, and customer service (the store location since ’92) Our clientele travels from all over the US and other nations. If you bring in a receipt and the product packaging, we will match or beat competitors’ prices and apply that savings to your subsequent purchases of the same item from our store. (We do not issue refunds for products that were not bought from US or from earlier transactions.) Does NOT include birds… Come on in check us out!.

Brenda’s Birds opened in 1992. Bob has been breeding birds since the late 80’s. It was an unplanned hobby! The store part just sort of “happened” because we had so many rescue birds and hundreds of breeding birds that we needed more space! We sold a few babies here and there to help pay for maintenance and avian vet care. This is a highly passionate and love-filled business; it cannot be pursued for “the money.” It requires lots of love, patience, and compassion. It is hard work, it can be messy and tiresome. Our associates work very hard to keep things flowing. We are always available to assist our clients or accept cherished animals in need of a second opportunity or a long-term home. That’s what brought us together, and the reason we’re still here after 35 years. Our mission is to match the human with the bird; we are not perfect, but we strive to give the best love and care we can! Come on in and check out. And we are all PIJAC Certified Avian Specialists.


What is the best way to buy a bird?

Local companion bird clubs, other non-profit organizations, and avian veterinarians are also good sources of recommendations. Be aware that there is significant risk involved when purchasing a bird sight unseen (e.g., from the Internet).

Is it safe to buy a bird from a pet store?

Many young birds for sale in pet stores die as a direct or indirect result of hand feeding, while the survivors go out onto the sales floor. There, sales clerks try to peddle them to uninformed customers in an environment that’s loud, bustling, unfamiliar, and stressful for the animals.

What is the cheapest bird?

Bird Type
Price Range
Food Costs
$10 – $35
$50 – $150
Zebra Finches
$20 – $40
$25 – $150