where can i adopt a bird

If you would like to adopt a companion bird, Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary is here to help.

If you would like to adopt a companion bird, Free Flight is here to help. We carefully evaluate each bird and prospective adoptive family to ensure mutual bonding and suitability.

Sponsoring a parrot can be very rewarding for those of us who are not in a position to have a parrot in their home.

Both the happiest and saddest days at Free Flight are when one of our flock leaves to start life in their new home. We are sad to see them go but so thrilled that they have a new loving home.

pony2Pony — whose name is inspired by how he moves —soon became Ilana’s “little shadow” following her everywhere she went.

“I thought, ‘How about these Chinese Crested? They resemble Japanese rock stars from the 1980s!'” she remarked. Eric concurred that the breed would be a good fit, and on July 3, 2011, the couple adopted Pony from Bluebell’s Rescue in Houston, Texas, after discovering him on Petfinder. They even received a carrier, leash, toys, food, and bowls from the rescue, which made the adoption process very easy.

Eric also warmed up to the newcomer in his life rather quickly. “I was more of a cat person before Pony, but he’s more like a cat-dog,” he remarked. In particular, he values the company Pony provides during the workday. “Having him with me is really nice because I work alone.” He serves as both my friend and the store’s customer service for everyone else. ”.

pony1Ilana Pinto grew up around dogs in Canada — running dog sleds and spending ample time at the nearby dog park — but she never had her own. When she and Eric Pinto got married, she knew it was time. “I’m old enough to be married; I’m old enough to have a dog,” she told herself.

Her spouse remembers her tenacity from their first year of marriage. “Every day, she would constantly browse the Petfinder app, asking herself, ‘What about this one? What about this one?'” However, Eric wasn’t quite ready for a dog and was in fact allergic to some types. But eventually, after some investigation and more nudging, Ilana managed to wear him down.

If you are interested in adopting a companion parrot…

  • Make time to visit frequently. An adoption typically requires six months of visitation. This is the most important component in our adoption program. We need our birds to get to know you more than anything else, even though we want to get to know you. Establishing a solid, dependable bond between humans and birds is crucial.
  • Talk to employees when you’re there. Not all of our birds can be adopted, and some require a lot more experience than others. Before considering adoption, we want to make sure you are aware of each parrot’s distinct personality and needs.

In order to protect our flock, we reserve the right to reject any application. We do not ship, breed, or sell birds. We won’t adopt a bird to a person who plans to breed it. We do not adopt to minors (anyone under 18).

Please be aware that a response might not come right away due to the volume of inquiries.

Are you thinking about adding a bird to your family?

Think about adopting a parrot; given the lifespan of most parrot species, many of them will eventually require a new home. Free Flight’s knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the ideal companion to guarantee a strong bond between you and your family, so why not make it your own?

Our philosophy of needing several visits to the sanctuary for bonding and education, along with our meticulous examination and screening of potential adopters, are directly tied to the success of our adoption placements.