when did god create birds

Way to Introduce the Story:

Make plans to bring a live fish or bird to class today, if at all possible. Allow the kids to examine it and take note of all the details. Birds comprise feathers, a beak, wings, wing-span, claws, nostrils, and seeds for food. Fish- fins, shiny scales, gills, tail, eyes . “On the second day of creation, God made the lovely sky and water.” On the third day, he made plants on land and in water. We’re going to study about the fish and birds that God made to float in the sea and soar through the skies today. top.

Each component of the creation was constructed in a specific order. Just consider the consequences if God had created the fish before the water. What would have happened? No, everything that was created was the result of God’s meticulous planning and timing.

On the fifth day of creation, God created birds to dwell in the skies. The birds had amazing trees where they could perch and build nests, as well as lovely areas for them to fly. There were many plants that produced a wide variety of seeds and fruits that the birds could consume.

On the fifth day of creation, God also placed living creatures in the rivers and seas. Not only did fish exist, but all aquatic life was created. Count the number of fish, crabs, stingrays, crayfish, whales, dolphins, shrimp, snails, sharks, and other aquatic animals that we can name. ).

On the fifth day, God viewed everything He had made and saw that it was good. top.

Discover the quirky feathers, absurd wings, and brilliant beaks of these vibrant animals in God Created Birds. Which bird is the fastest in the world? Are bluebirds real? Can ravens perform acrobatics? blue? Get an aerial perspective of these creatures’ intriguing characteristics and charming details that demonstrate the deft artistry of our Creator and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

“In the beginning God created. ” (Genesis 1. 1) According to the book of Genesis, on Day 5 of the creation week, God created birds. He made all different kinds of these winged wonders. Some nest in trees, some soar over the ocean, and some, like penguins, are expert swimmers. Theyre all part of Gods amazing design for our planet!.

Ways to Tell the Story:

This story can be told using a variety of methods. Always stick to the Bible’s facts, but use drama, visual aids, emotion, student interaction, and/or voice inflection to help kids understand what it means.

Use only the illustrations that are most relevant to the way YOU tell the story in THIS lesson, as every teacher is different. Remove any illustrations that cover other stories or details you do not want to emphasize in this lesson because too many can be confusing.