what year larry bird drafted

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Pos. G F C
Position Guard Forward Center

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The following college basketball players submitted their early draft applications and were accepted. [53].

Draft edit Mychal Thompson was selected 1st overall by the Portland Trail Blazers. Larry Bird was selected 6th overall by the Boston Celtics.

Despite not being chosen in the 1978 draft, these players participated in at least one NBA game.

Draft selections and draftee career notes edit

Larry Bird had just completed his junior year at Indiana State prior to the draft. He could have been drafted, though, without having to file for “hardship,” as his Indiana University class had already graduated. [10][15] In 1974, he enrolled at Indiana University but left before the season started. After sitting out a year, he enrolled at Indiana State. [16] He declared that he would return to college for his senior season even though he was eligible for the draft. The Indiana Pacers, his hometown team, had the first overall pick at first. But after they were unable to convince him to graduate from college early, they traded the first pick to the Blazers, who were also unable to get him to sign. [17][18] Up until the Celtics used the sixth pick to draft him, five teams—including the Pacers, who had the third pick—passed on Bird. They drafted him even though they were aware that if he didn’t sign before the next draft, they might lose the exclusive rights to him. In negotiations with Red Auerbach Birds agent Bob Woolf, the team made it clear that Bird would enter the 1979 Draft regretlessly if Boston didn’t change its plans. Woolf told Bird that he would not offer him a contract that paid him more than the $400,000 annual salary of the team’s highest-paid player at the time, Dave Cowens. Bird could also reenter the draft in 1979 and sign with the other team that drafted him. Nevertheless, in April 1979, he signed a five-year, US$3. He signed a $25 million contract with the Celtics, making him the highest-paid rookie in team sports history at the time. [19].


Why did Larry Bird get drafted in 1978?

Red Auerbach took a big chance when he drafted Larry Bird No. 6 overall in 1978, not because there was any question about Bird’s talent, but because he made a promise to his mother to play his senior season at Indiana State University.

Was Larry Bird a number 1 draft pick?

Bird was selected by the Boston Celtics with the sixth overall pick in the 1978 NBA draft. He did not sign with the Celtics immediately; instead, he played out his final season at Indiana State and led the Sycamores to the NCAA title game.

Who was drafted ahead of Larry Bird?

Rick Robey
Micheal Ray Richardson+
Purvis Short
Larry Bird^

What year did Larry Bird win Rookie of the Year?

Bird was named NBA rookie-of-the-year in 1979-80, playing with the Boston Celtics, and remained with that franchise for his entire professional career.