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In this review, I will be taking a look at a slew of items from the popular e-commerce brand, Birddogs.

I’ve been familiar with Birddogs for several years and can say their attempts at marketing certainly create memorable ads.

While some could say their advertising is a bit “fratty”, I think the brand speaks authentically to their target audience.

Given my decade-plus experience in the menswear industry, I prefer such an approach as opposed to the over-glossy slick ads that emphasize brand identity instead of quality.

With a quick scan over the website, it’s easy to notice they don’t make a lot of styles — and that’s a good thing. Just like restaurants, I’d prefer to see a menu with a few high-quality items instead of a bottomless pit of low-grade fast fashion.

When I started picking items to review, I found the menu to be easy to navigate and the clever names they put on each color were entertaining.

Variations of professional athlete names along with puns and other plays on words abounded. This light-hearted approach is something that I really think engages the consumer and helps them remember the brand in a non-serious, playful way.

As I added things to my shopping cart, the real branding became apparent as you can order any of their pants or shorts with or without a liner. This is probably the biggest decision one has to consider before pulling the trigger on the shopping cart.

I wanted to give an overarching view of the brand so I picked a little bit of everything!

While Birddogs offers shorts with inseams lengths of 6”, 7” and 8” inches long, I opted for 6” across the board since I am merely 5’7” and would encourage any Modest Man to adhere to the principle of “skies out, thighs out.”

As much as I would like to attribute my ever-increasing waistline to powerlifting contents, the reality is excess calories stick to you like glue in your 30s, hence I selected size medium across the board.

I will admit, work life for me has been stressful over the past few months so I’ve fluctuated between 160lbs and 185lbs, with most of that additional weight being in the seat and thighs.

While I’ve blown out the seat of six pairs of custom wool pants this year, I can say Birddogs has come in clutch in the evenings and weekends. The stretch fabric doesn’t look baggy coming out of the package but can accommodate a lot of size change without making your thighs look and feel like they are overstuffed sausage casings!

To the untrained eye, each short kind of felt the same but after checking the tags, there is a reason they separated them out by category.

The liner of each short is 88% polyester and 12% spandex except for the swimming trunk which is 60%PP and 40% poly and certainly has a mesh look and feel to it.

I would say the shorts are pretty interchangeable across the board. I used the khakis to work out in, wore the swim trunk out on the town one night, chilled in a hot tub with the oxford, and used the camo gym shorts for lounging at home.

One thing I like most is that they are cool/breathable and extremely comfortable. The days of dry stiff and non-stretching cotton are over. When it comes to travel, they pack away easily and barely get wrinkly.

I am also pretty picky when it comes to ease of laundering. If you buy shorts without the liners, you’ll have to wash them more often as they’ll be in contact with your nether regions.

My shorts, having liners, wash and dry great and have shown zero deterioration compared to some other tech fabrics I have experienced in the past.

I decided to do with no liner with the Jeff Pesos and Sadam Humanes because I wanted to try something different.

Of the three models of pants, only the Stretch Khakis come in standard English sizes that include a waist and inseam. The Joggers and Sweatpants are sized in the same fashion as the shorts.

The latter two also have different construction which includes a ‘semi moon’ styled gusset at the seat of the pant. There is no doubt this will prolong the life of the pant and accommodate those customers with bigger bottoms.

The jogger and sweat pant also come with a drawstring where as the stretch khakis come with traditional belt loops.

I’ve been wearing the Jeff Pesos stretch khakis every single week for over six months now and can say I like the fit as well as the leg length.

The only negative aspect of these pants is that they wrinkle easily and don’t steam well but after five minutes on tumble in the dryer follow by a few hard shakes and they are good to go.

I’m not sure if these pants will replace every chino on the market but in the modern work world, I think these will pass off as professional without giving the boss a double take.

I bike nearly ¾ of a mile to the gym here in DC and I wore the Sadam Humanes, Sweat Pants as a commuter pant nearly five days a week over my workout shorts.

I can say they kept me warm and they were also breathable and they are great to lounge in around the house.

The outseam of these guys was about 40” which is a big long for a short guy but I made them work. These are best left for guys about 5’9” and taller.

Lastly, I reviewed the Larry Burds and it was honestly the only piece I really didn’t enjoy.

It’s the only product in the lineup that’s 100% polyester. For a jogger, it was a little too plastic feeling for me.

The fit, pocket scheme and design are nearly identical to the sweat pant but I had the outseam coming in at 41” which is just far too long.

This color is no longer available on the website but they have other staples in charcoal, navy, and khaki. Unless you really want to pay to relocate the ankle finish, I’d just recommend getting the sweatpants instead.

It’s important to note that I owned these items for over six months before fleshing out this review. I didn’t merely receive the box, try on the clothes, make an opinion, and write the article. I’ve worn these guys through three seasons and traveled across the country for work and play multiple times.

Historically, as a man of modest height, I’ve often opted for JCrew and JCrew Factory for my shorts given the proportions but they are all cotton based, don’t wash or travel well without massive wrinkles that practically take a full ironing to get out.

In comes Birddogs to replace those basics. There are some days when I just want to roll out of bed, grab something and look good without putting in a lot of effort. Birddogs make it easy.

One little detail that I love is the (near) hidden zipper hip pockets they put on everything.

It’s easy for things to fall out these days and most of us don’t carry big thick leather wallets as men did generations ago. It’s nice to have a secure zipper pocket for change, IDs, cash, or anything else you don’t want to lose.

All in all, I give the company a highly favorable review. I plan to wear all of my shorts as well as a few of the pants regularly going forward.

My only recommendation to the company would be to have just a few more seasonal or fashionable pieces available. Instead of being a ‘one and done’ customer, I think loyal Birddogs fans would purchase more over time if such items were created.

50 Words or Less

Birddogs makes pants and shorts with built-in underwear. Extremely comfortable and great for golf or any other activity.

During a round of golf, your underwear will need to be adjusted, regardless of how good it is. Golf requires a lot of twisting and bending, so bunching and discomfort are likely. Unless your underwear is actually built into your pants. The main feature that distinguishes Birddogs shorts and pants from the competition is built-in underwear, but as I discovered, it’s not the only one.

In their pants, Birddogs’ style is quite conventional. These two models, Jeff Pesos (on the left) and Stephen Jobs, are a part of a five-color lineup that also includes off-white, black, and navy. Fewer people will get to see that the inside of the pants is bolder, with navy and bright blue, respectively.

A far greater selection of shorts, including some really daring options, can be found at Birddogs. The five families of shorts are Oxford, Gym Shorts, Bathing Suits, Khaki, and Seersucker. Oxford and Khaki are fairly conventional, but the others have vibrant colors and patterns.

One significant stylistic observation regarding the shorts: even the Oxford and Khaki shorts fit more like gym shorts. Although the waist is elastic and has a drawstring, they have belt loops. While they might not be appropriate for a super-traditional country club, these look fantastic elsewhere.

Not related to the style of the shorts or pants, but it should be noted that Birddogs has an incredibly distinct sense of humor The cartoon that accompanied my order confirmation was utterly bizarre. It’s kind of out there, so you either love it or hate it, but it made me laugh a lot.

I fell in love with Birddogs pants as soon as I put them on. Firstly, the materials made of nylon and spandex and poly and spandex are incredibly soft and stretchy. You’re going to put these bottoms on as soon as they come out of the dryer.

In the pants, I found the cut to be ideal. The waist and length measurements were precise when I ordered the pants in 34 X 32; this is not vanity sizing. For me and my tree trunk thighs, it’s even more crucial that the legs are thick. The cut is fitted with lots of leeway and a slight taper around the calf.

There are three lengths available for the shorts: 6′′, 7′′, and 9′′. I tried the 7 and 9 and discovered that the latter struck me right above the knee, while the former revealed a little more thigh but was still not very noticeable. Birddogs does not use waist measurements when sizing their shorts; instead, they use small to XXXL. I tried the medium and large. The waist was extremely comfortable in both, but the medium did not fit my previously mentioned enormous thighs well.

For all of their pants and shorts, Birddogs offers a 90-day trial period, so you’re never stuck with an uncomfortable fit.

I’ll get right to the built-in underwear now that I’ve delayed it long enough. As frequent readers are aware, I’m a major fan of 2UNDR [review HERE], so I had very high expectations for comfort. I barely noticed that I was wearing shorts and pants instead of underwear. The shorts in particular are a revelation. I can look presentable, feel comfortable, be prepared for activity, and be well-dressed all in one piece of clothing. If you’re devoted to the idea of wearing separate underwear, you can order the pants without the liner.

The pants and shorts from Birddogs are great for reasons other than their integrated underwear. The way they move is what I find even more appealing. The shorts and pants are ideal for any activity you can think of, including golf, hiking, working out, biking, and so on, because of their softness and stretch. Returning to the undergarments, the built-in liner prevents bunching and uncomfortable wear.

Lastly, I must point out the multiple zippered pockets found in the shorts and pants. Zippered pockets are underrated and far too rare. They are going to prevent your valuables from falling out if you are riding a bike. They can keep your tees and ball marker apart when you play golf. It’s a small but appreciated feature.

Admittedly, when I first heard of pants with built-in underwear, I mistakenly believed that they were a problem-solving solution. I’m a convert to Birddogs after wearing them for a few weeks. Apart from the integrated panties, these shorts and pants are incredibly cozy and designed for an active way of living.

Each short appeared to be similar to the untrained eye, but upon examining the tags, I discovered that they were divided into different categories for a purpose.

This review will examine numerous products from the well-known online retailer, Birddogs.

Although the design, fit, and pocket layout are almost exactly the same as the sweat pants, my outseam was 41″ long, which is just excessively long.

When I first began selecting products for review, I discovered that the menu was simple to use and that the creative names they gave each color were amusing.

While I doubt these pants will completely replace all chino shirts on the market, I believe they will look professional enough in the modern workplace to avoid raising any red flags with the boss.


Do bird dog pants stretch?

The stretch fabric doesn’t look baggy coming out of the package but can accommodate a lot of size change without making your thighs look and feel like they are overstuffed sausage casings! The four shorts I chose were: Uncle Bucks (khaki)

Can you sweat through Birddogs?

You can sweat in them while working out or playing golf on a hot day. You also can take a dip in the pool (though they did take a long time to dry off). It doesn’t seem to be cheap either, as it held up nicely in multiple washes. Lastly, Birddogs also built some subtle functionality that I liked.

Do birddog pants have a liner?

birddogs. Shorts and Pants with a Comfortable Built-In Liner.

What material are Birddogs made of?

Birddogs makes its swim trunks from a fabric that’s 94% nylon and 6% spandex, which gives them a soft handfeel and a lot of stretch. They dry quickly too. I found they went from soaking wet to dry in about 40 minutes. These are some of the most comfortable swim trunks I’ve worn.