how to test rain bird sprinklers

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Running zones 2-4 and examining the water meter to see if it’s showing water flow are my recommendations.

Unfortunately, if zone 1 also includes your backyard, then you won’t know if you’re pumping water out through a cracked pipe or a neglected sprinkler head. Turn on zone 1, cap every sprinkler in the front yard, and check the meter to see if water is flowing as that is the only way to test that. (Verify that no one is using the restroom, taking a shower, doing the dishes, etc. while testing this. ).

After testing is over, you’ll probably have to spend time and money capping off each sprinkler head and then reinstalling it, so it won’t be very enjoyable. However, if you’re really worried that there might be problems beneath the back patio, that’s the only practical way to investigate.

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I recently purchased a home with a sprinkler system already installed. Although I’ve never used one, I’m fairly handy, so I could handle any repairs. I know there are some broken sprinkler heads, but I don’t want to start replacing them if the system is shot. So my question is: how should I test the system? There’s a control panel in the garage; should I just turn it on and see what happens? How do I turn it on? Thanks!!.


Why is my rain bird not watering?

Is the water turned on, is the controller plugged in and programmed correctly, are there isolation valves that might be turned off? Verify valve operation by using the manual bleed. This might indicate a controller or wiring problem if the valve works properly when using the manual bleed.