how to remove bird from attic

Spring is here, and the birds are chirping in the trees! While beautiful and melodic in the great outdoors, those same birds can be trouble if they make their way into your attic. Not only do they carry potentially harmful parasites and diseases, but their nesting also makes an absolute mess in your attic!

The savvy homeowner should make sure the bird proofing in their attic is updated, effective, and ready to head off this problem before it even begins.

What Do I Do

Removing birds from your attic space is fairly simple. You have two options: try it on your own and fail, or call your neighborhood pest control business. The following steps are recommended.

  • Examine the Attic: This will allow you to determine the kind of bird. It will also assist you in understanding what has to be persuaded to come out.
  • Examining each exterior vent in your house and all of its openings will help you determine where the bird or birds most likely entered.
  • Remove or trap-open the biggest vents to the outside. Next, scare the birds outside by using a leaf blower or loud music. Utilize exclusion doors as well to prevent birds from returning inside after they have left.
  • Fix and clean: After the bird or birds are moved, you’ll need to tidy the attic area and fix the opening.
  • To ensure that the process is completed correctly, call a professional—does anyone really have the time to do this?

What Are Signs I Have Birds in My Attic?

Of all the potential attic issues you may experience, birds nesting in your attic is one of the easiest to identify. You won’t be able to miss the incessant chirping and rustling. They also bring in a ton of nesting materials and make a tremendous mess.

How Do I Remove Birds From My Attic?

Birds won’t leave your attic on their own once they realize what a comfortable home it makes; you must take action. Up to four months can pass while birds remain in your attic.

Since most states have laws protecting birds and they are an essential component of the ecosystem, you shouldn’t try to kill them. Not only can using poison, toxic gases, or kill traps be harmful to invasive birds, but they can also endanger you and your family. Using humane traps that entice birds with birdseed is the optimal method. Once trapped, they can be safely released outdoors.

Play loud music, open the windows from the outside, and create a lot of noise on the ceiling to chase birds out of your attic. The birds might become uncomfortable enough to fly away as a result of this.


How do I get a bird out of my attic?

It’s best to use humane traps that lure birds in with birdseed. Once trapped, they can be safely released outdoors. Another way to get birds out of your attic is to open the windows from the outside, play loud music, and make lots of noise on the ceiling.

What happens if you have birds in your attic?

On a quest for nesting materials, birds can tear through wiring in your attic which is an immediate fire hazard. They can also rip up attic insulation and paper stored in your attic. Fallen hair and string are also favorite items for bird nesting.

What does it mean when a bird is in your attic?

Most birds will enter through the roof and into your attic to nest. To create safe and comfortable nests, birds will need a variety of materials, such as dirt, pine straw, and leaves, which they will bring into your home. In most cases, these unwanted guests will also use elements of your home to complete the nests.

How do I get a bird out of my ceiling?

A one-way door is the safest and most humane way to evict birds that live in the house ceiling. Take care, however, to ensure there are no eggs or baby birds left behind before you bring on a one-way door situation. They will need to be removed and reunited outdoors with their mothers.