how to pet a wild bird

Introduction: Easy Way to Tame a Bird As Companion

how to pet a wild bird

I’m going to teach you today how to successfully tame a wild bird to keep as a pet. Many people have said that you cannot tame a bird that has already opened your eyes, but in my experience, this is not entirely accurate. I’ve been training Buggies for a while, and in a matter of days this time, I was able to tame a wild Warbler (Brown Warbler). Actually, because warblers are smarter than some other birds of similar size, taming a wild warbler seems easier than taming a budgie.

So, Lets get started.

Step 1: Day 1

That is precisely the day I unintentionally ran into this adorable person. I discovered this child on my garden, left alone for the whole day. I’ve been observing them hatch for some time, but all of a sudden the mother bird stopped returning. Perhaps she is dead, as I believe, but one of the little ones already perished from starvation, and this one reacted fearfully when I attempted to save it. It began to jump off my hand, but sadly, it is too young for it to do that. I initially used Google Lens to identify the species to which it belonged and discovered that it is a brown warbler that only eats worms. Thus, I forced its mouth open and introduced some chopped earthworms. He really resisted eating, but when he realized that I was feeding him, he began to open his mouth and demand more. After that, I fed him a lot of worms and a few drops of water every hour.

Step 3: Day 3

He began to jump a little today, but he was always jumping in my direction and hiding behind my legs. Making him to do this again and again was fun. Additionally, he began answering my calls when I called him.