how to paint bird silhouette

Bird Silhouette Art Project: Sunsets display a wonder of color and are a great opportunity for Arty Crafty Kids to be inspired by nature.

And our easy bird silhouette art project is a great place to start. Children are encouraged to pay attention to how the sunset’s colors change, and to play with the paint as they blend the colors together and create depth and pattern in the sky.

Pairing the bright sky with the black silhouette not only creates a striking piece of art, but also encourages children to think about the concept of foreground/background and light/shadow – can children explain why the birds are black?

Our bird silhouette art project is a lovely piece for kids of all ages to explore their creativity and expand their knowledge.

How to: Bird Silhouette Art Project

White Card Stock Paint Sponge Paintbrush

The Arty Crafty Kids club members can access the templates. To access the templates, members must log in at https://www artycraftykids. com/product/silhouette-bird-art-project/.

Now here’s a funny story. I finished the painting a few days before Christmas, but because my daughter is a Facebook fan of Crafts by Amanda, I couldn’t share my results there for fear of her seeing it. So instead I shared the photo with a group of craft blogger friends. My friend Colleen from Just Paint It replied saying she was almost finished with a very similar painting using the same inspiration! How’s that for a coincidence?

I started with Flesh Tone and used the sponge to cover the entire background. Just smeared it around erratically, adhering to the inspiration photo’s frame After that, I blended and dragged Traditional Raw Sienna with the sponge until I was happy with the way it looked. I used Butterscotch for the highlights, which are primarily at the top with some at the bottom. As evidenced by the paint in the pie tin, I didn’t worry about my colors contacting one another—in fact, it’s best if they slightly blended. It adds to the flow and dimension of your painting.

For Christmas, I painted a silhouette of birds on a branch for my daughter. I wanted to give her a special gift because she recently moved into her first apartment. It had to be a surprise, though. I didn’t want her to know what it was. It’s true that Christmas presents aren’t as exciting for kids as they are for young adults, but I really wanted this one to be In addition, Christmas is her favorite holiday, and she has always cherished its enigmatic, mystical quality. So how could I disappoint her?.

This gorgeously straightforward painting of birds on a branch silhouette would look fantastic almost anywhere. Today, give this enjoyable DIY project for home decor a try!

Let’s Make Bird Silhouette Art:

how to paint bird silhouette

First, let’s create the background. You can either draw your own or use our pre-drawn branch template.

First, paint a sizable yellow circle in the middle of the scene, representing our setting sun. Recall that the sun should remain in the background, behind the branches, and not be painted over.

We are going to begin building the color outward from the sun like warm, radiating rays once you have the basic shape of the sun figured out.

Using a dry, flat paintbrush, start with orange and paint the edges of the sun with bold strokes.

how to paint bird silhouette

Now, apply a second coat of paint in a warm color (such as pink or red) so that it blends in with the orange you already applied.

Continue layering color, blending, dabbing, and experimenting with the paint until the warm hues of a fall sunset cover your background.

Once the background has dried, use brown hues to fill in your branch.

how to paint bird silhouette

In the meantime, carefully cut the template’s bird shapes out to make a stencil. Once your image has dried completely, place the bird stencil on the branch and place it there.

how to paint bird silhouette

Using a sponge, carefully dab black paint inside the stencil. Once the form is filled, remove the stencil to reveal a flawless silhouette of a bird.

how to paint bird silhouette

If you want your bird to have a companion, place the stencil a little bit further down the branch and use a sponge to carefully fill it in again with black paint.

how to paint bird silhouette

Now your beautiful bird silhouette art project is complete. We would love to see your masterpieces, so please share and tag us on social media if you’ve enjoyed creating them!