how to overwinter bird of paradise

I study landscape ecology and through my studies have discovered a love for plants. Plants are not only beautiful, but also have countless fascinating survival strategies. To bring a bit of nature into my home as well, I nurture my houseplants and herbs on every possible windowsill. Favourite fruit: rhubarb and all kinds of berries Favourite vegetables: onions and garlic

With its colourful, bird’s head-shaped flowers, the bird of paradise plant is a stunning addition to any home. In summer, it can even be placed outdoors to give your garden an exotic feel. Find out all about bird of paradise plant care.

In our climates, the beautiful bird of paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae) flowers in early spring, but displays its large, paddle-like leaves all year round. Read on to discover our top bird of paradise plant care tips on pruning, overwintering, pest control and more.

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how to overwinter bird of paradise

how to overwinter bird of paradise

I’ve grown to love plants as a result of my studies in landscape ecology. In addition to being stunning, plants have a myriad of interesting survival techniques. I take care of my houseplants and herbs on every available windowsill to add a little bit of nature to my home as well. Favorite vegetables: onions and garlic; favorite fruit: rhubarb and all types of berries

The vibrant, bird-of-paradise-shaped flowers of this plant are a wonderful accent to any house. It can even be set outside in the summer to add an exotic touch to your garden. Find out all about bird of paradise plant care.

how to overwinter bird of paradise

The stunning bird of paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae) displays its large, paddle-like leaves year-round in our climate, but it flowers in the early spring. Continue reading for our best advice on pruning, overwintering, pest control, and other aspects of caring for bird of paradise plants.

What If I Want My Plant to Stay in the Ground?

If you reside in Zones 10 or 11, perhaps you don’t worry too much about the winter. However, you are curious about how to keep your bird of paradise warm in the event of, say, a cold snap that is uncomfortably close to 32°F.

Alternatively, you may reside in Zones 8 or 9 and have a massive S nicolai or S. alba that you can’t just pot up and bring inside.

How can you keep it warm?

You cut it down.

But not like that. Just like with the closely related banana plant, you must trim the stem and leaves so that they are only 12 inches above the ground in order to overwinter the plant.

Next, cover the entire stem and rhizome area with mulch. The rhizome area should first be covered with nice, chunky bark mulch. Next, add leaves and straw to complete the thick layer of warmth your priceless Strelitzia will need to survive the winter.

Stake down the mounded area of mulch and cover it with breathable row cover material. And just like that, your plant will remain warm all winter long. When the weather gets warmer, you can release it from its tiny nest and watch it grow new, beautiful stems and leaves.

Pruning bird of paradise plants

To maintain the aesthetic appeal of your strelitzia, periodically remove any brown or dead sections of the plant. Just trim off any brown leaves and remove any faded flowers. You can also give your bird of paradise a more generous trim if it’s growing too big for you or your area by taking off a few outer leaves near the base.


Do you cut back bird of paradise for the winter?

When and Where to Trim Bird of Paradise. Pruning your Bird of Paradise isn’t just about snipping willy-nilly; timing is everything. Hit the sweet spot by pruning at the end of winter, just as the plant shakes off its dormant slumber. This timing encourages robust spring growth.

Can I put my bird of paradise outside in the summer?

Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) craves heat, growing best in temperatures over 50 F. Winter hardy in Zones 10 to 12, bird of paradise adapts readily to containers. In colder regions, many gardeners tuck it into a pot they can shift outdoors during the summer.

What is the lowest temperature for bird of paradise?

The plant will tolerate temperatures as low as 24°F for a short time; however, freezing temperatures will damage developing flower buds and flowers. To ensure flower production in north Florida, grow bird-of-paradise in a container that can be moved indoors during freezes.

Do bird of paradise plants go dormant?

PRO TIP: In the winter months when less sunlight is available due to the elliptical orbit of the sun, Birds of Paradise go through a “resting” period and require less water.