how to make a yarn bird

To make yarn birds you will need:

  • Yarn, mine is cotton blend Double Knitting from Hobbycraft
  • a tiny scrap of yellow felt
  • 2 small black beads
  • sharp scissors
  • A piece of thick card 5” x 3. 5” (13cm x 9cm).
  • I used PVA glue called Hi Tack, but Aleena’s Tacky glue would also work well.

To make these yarn birds, you can use any kind of yarn, but it must be sturdy enough to not break easily. Select a yarn that has some acrylic in it if possible, as you will need to tie the knots very tightly, and it will be annoying if your yarn breaks all the time. I used a blend of cotton that is 20%50% cotton and 20%50% acrylic.

You can use any yarn you want for each section, so these birds are a great way to use up your stash. A mix of yarns can make a really cute bird.

You don’t see anything quite like this in nature, but you can use realistic bird colors if you’d like! As you can see, I’ve not gone for hyper realism with my yarn birds. Each bird has three sections, so you can use two, three, or all three of the same color as I’ve done here. It’s totally up to you. Experiment and have fun with it.

White is what I used for bundle 1 in these pictures, which will make up the top of the bird’s head.

Pink for bundle 2 – the birds front and underbelly.

Yellow for bundle 3 – the wings.

First, cut your card to the appropriate size. 5” x 3. 5″ (13 cm x 9 cm) is a reasonable approximate measurement; it won’t matter if it’s a little bit larger or smaller.

Making a yarn bird

Start by encircling the card 50 times with your first yarn. You are encircling the card in a more circumstantial manner. Don’t pull the yarn tightly as you wrap. Take a length of yarn—roughly 6″ or 15 cm is ideal—and double knot it firmly at one end of the yarn bundle you created.

Cut across the other end.

Proceed to wrap another bundle using the same method using a different yarn. 50 times around the long way.

Cut one end and remove it from the card. You are not tying this one just yet.

To create a cross, lay this second bundle across the first. Encircle the ends of bundle 2 around the knotted central portion of bundle 1, ensuring that the ends are relatively level, and then securely tie the ends in close proximity to the center.

Tie the ends of bundle 1 in the same manner that you brought them round.

Now take your third yarn and wrap it around your card fifty times more to create another bundle. But this time wrap around the card the shorter way. Cut one end of the yarn as before.

Lay this third bundle directly across the middle of the first two.

The bundles should be folded as indicated so that the ends of bundles 1 and 2 and bundle 3 meet.

Pull the strands of bundle 3 up the sides to meet in the center after flipping your yarn so that bundle 1 is facing up. Tie securely close to the middle. I double knotted the yarn after wrapping it around multiple times. It resembles a woman raising her hands, but don’t be alarmed—it will soon transform into a bird!

Once more with bundle 1 facing up, take the ends of bundle 3 and pull them together to form a middle join. Retie in the same location as before, this time incorporating bundle 3.

Now that it’s beginning to resemble a bird, trim the extra ends to create a tail a la pompom. Depending on how you want your bird to look, you can either trim it fairly close to your knots or leave it a little longer.

To complete your bird, attach a small felt triangle for the beak and two black beads for the eyes. Once the glue is dry your bird is complete.

These measure about 3” (7/8cm) long and are about 1. 5” (4cm) high.

By enlarging your card and re-wrapping the yarn, you could create larger birds. Though I believe it would be difficult to make them any smaller, feel free to experiment; I’m willing to be proven wrong!

Yarn “B” for the bird’s tummy

For the bird’s stomach, wrap the yarn loops around the template in a 5-inch circle. Wrap around about 40 times. For this, I used orange yarn, and I twisted in a few rounds of white yarn.

Clip one end of the loops and lay out flat. These will be referred to as yarn “B”.

how to make a yarn bird


How do you make a bird nest for a school project?

For a quick and easy nest, shred or cut a paper bag into thin strips. Line a bowl with a paper towel, arrange the strips over them, then glue the paper bag strips together and let dry into a nest shape. It’s fine to take a look at the eggs, but be careful, because smart animals like coyotes can follow you to the nest.