how to make a bird friendly

Birds are a must for any backyard. They provide natural insect control, beautiful songs, and an educational experience for children and adults alike. Plus, it can be lots of fun to track just how many different types of birds you can welcome to your yard.

Many homeowners have a backyard bird feeder or even a bird bath. But there is so much more you can do to welcome birds and improve your land overall as a wildlife habitat. Interested in learning how to attract birds to your yard? We have the tips you need to create a backyard birding paradise.

3. Buy the Right Bird Food

When you discover how to draw birds to your yard, you’ll discover that every species has certain dietary requirements. Similar to your preference for sweet foods over salty ones, different bird species have different needs in terms of nutrition, and they search for foods to meet those needs.

Suet and dark oil sunflower are excellent foundation foods that will draw a diverse range of birds. Additionally, there are lots of mixes available that are intended to draw in a variety of species. You should also try thistle, safflower, peanut butter and almonds, and even mealworms. Someone at your neighborhood home and garden center should be able to assist you if you’re unsure of what food to buy for your specific feeder.

2. Provide A Variety of Feeders

Investing in a few different kinds of feeders is a good place to start if you want to learn how to get birds to visit your yard. The kinds of birds you hope to attract will determine what kind of feeders you need:

  • Tube feeders are best for finches, sparrows, and chickadees
  • Hopper feeders are enjoyed by finches, jays, sparrows, and cardinals
  • Suet feeders attract woodpeckers, nuthatches, and starlings
  • Ground feeders are preferred by cardinals, grosbeaks, and blue jays
  • Nectar feeders are a necessity for hummingbirds and orioles

Try hanging your feeders higher or lower as different bird species have different preferences for feeding altitudes. There are plenty of squirrel-proof feeders available to keep your feeders safe for the birds, even though lower feeders may draw squirrels and other animals.

4. Add a Water Source

The next step to attracting birds to your yard is to add a bird bath or water source. Many bird species will bathe daily to maintain clean and healthy feathers when water is available. Birds will stay clean and hydrated if you provide shallow bird baths (one to three inches deep) or even build a small pond in your yard.

how to make a bird friendly

Because birds are attracted to moving water, installing a pump or mister that produces bubbling, fresh water will attract more avian visitors to your yard. To prevent your pond or bird bath from freezing if you live in a cold climate, you might also want to consider getting a heater or de-icer. Birds bathe all year round, but they frequently have trouble finding water sources in the winter, so having fresh water will draw them to your yard.


How do you show birds you are friendly?

Play with Your bird Play music at a low volume or sing to your bird. While it sounds a bit odd, birds respond well to music and familiar songs. Some pet birds even like to dance to their favorite beats. Try making out-of-habitat time a bonding experience by carrying them around on your shoulder.

How do you get a wild bird to trust you?

Never approach a wild bird without speaking to it all the time. Always move very slowly around birds until they become accustomed to your presence. Always try to remember that there is no such thing as a naturally tame wild bird. You are its greatest enemy until you have gained its confidence.

What attracts birds the most?

Birds love fruits, nuts, and seeds, so grow them in your garden. For fruits, plant beautyberry, pyracantha, Eastern red cedar, viburnum, hawthorn, sumac, palm, crabapple, serviceberry, dogwood, bayberry, persimmon, black gum, holly, and wax myrtle.